Does Facetime Audio Cost Money?

Does Facetime Audio Cost Money

Are you looking for the answer; does facetime audio cost money? Glad to help, read down this article till the end to find the right answer. 

Does Facetime Audio Cost Money?

Facetime is a built-in app on the iPad, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iPhone, iPod, and many other Apple devices. Facetime audio is the most reliable one for the user which ensures that the user can make phone calls even without utilizing their cell phone services. It is the best service that allows the user to make a voice call but only between the Apple devices with no phone service, as well the user can use the facetime audio on their iPad, iPhone, iPod, MacBook and what not! 

So, if you are wondering, does facetime audio cost money? Is it necessary to have an internet connection for the facetime call? Are facetime audio calls free? We have mentioned all the possible answers to your queries. So, without any further delay read out this article till the end but before this readout which Apple devices are made for facetime audio? Let’s get into it!

Which Apple devices will allow facetime audio?

For the facetime audio call, a suitable Apple device is a foremost thing that you need as the device that runs at least macOS 10.9.2 as well iOS 7. So, if you have this upgrade then your device is good to go with facetime otherwise you have to upgrade your devices but you can only upgrade your smartphone that is iPhone 4 and for tablets, it must be iPad 2. 

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But if your system is up to date then you must read the below answer to find out if it really does cost money for facetime audio?

So, does facetime audio cost money?

The answer to this question can be yes or also no. Because you must have an internet connection for making facetime audio calls. For the free facetime audio calls, you must have a registered Apple ID as it will allow you to use the facetime app for making audio or video calls. There are a few things that you must check up for making your facetime audio calls free of cost.

  • Wi-Fi

  Facetime will cost you no money if you have a stable Wi-Fi network connection, no matter if you are at the office or home you must have a Wi-Fi connection for which you have to pay the internet connection expenses. However, if you are using any public Wi-Fi facetime will cost you nothing and you can easily make facetime audio calls with your friends and family that is totally free. 

  • Data connections

Sl if you don’t have any Wi-Fi connection then you have to purchase any data bundle for making a cellular internet connection that will then allow you to make facetime audio calls. However, facetime only consumes 1GB if the audio call is up to 13 to 14 hours and will eat up a few kB. 

  • Hotspot 
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Using a phone tethering plan or hotspot makes facetime audio calls possible but it will cost you some allowance as you are still using cellular data. Comparatively, facetime is more cost-effective than the other apps as well. It will make the audio call much easier and it won’t break your bank too. 


Facetime is a convenient app on Apple devices that will make the audio call much more convenient than other apps as it will cost you more. Facetime apps are not free at all; indirectly, you have to pay Wi-Fi connection, cellular data, and hotspot charges for making your facetime audio calls. As well both parties that are opting for the facetime audio call must have a stable Wi-Fi connection that will make them have the smooth and glitch-free conversation. 

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