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Does Facetime Audio Use Minutes?

Does Facetime Audio Use MinutesFacetime is a built-in application in Apple devices like iPhone, iPod, iPad, Macbook Air, and pro and users use this app to converse with their loved ones by chatting, calling, and sharing video calls. This application is highly used for chatting as it is easy to use and has uncomplicated features so that every user can use it without any inconvenience.

Facetime app is just like any other social media app which requires an internet connection or if you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection then you can use your cellular data connection for chatting with your friends and family over audio or video calls. Facetime also added another useful feature that you can use the email ID of the person instead of a number for conversing with them.

But, does facetime audio use minutes? For the facetime audio, you might be wondering if your app consumes an internet connection or minutes. So, without any delay let’s get into the following query so that you will find the answer to your question; does facetime audio use minutes?

Does Facetime Audio Use Minutes?

The answer is no, facetime audio does not use minutes instead it eats up a few Mbs from cellular or Wi-Fi internet connection depending on which connection you are using. Facetime audio calls have nothing to do with the minutes plans as this app only operates on the internet connection. You can use your Wi-Fi internet connection if you have it at your home as well. Sometimes in public, there is free Wi-Fi so you can use it for making facetime audio calls.

As well if you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection then you can use a cellular mobile connection by buying any internet package however if you are using your mobile data still no minutes plan will be consumed as facetime will only eat up the internet rather than voice minutes. Facetime app is just like other social media apps that will let you connect with your friends and family in fewer seconds as well it will not use your voice minutes and with an internet connection, you will do audio or video chat.

But one way you’ll be charged against the minutes for using FaceTime is if users start with a standard cellular chat and afterward transfer to FaceTime. The initial call gets routed through the mobile network in almost the same method as any other phone call. When users shift to FaceTime, however, the phone call is dropped in exchange for the FaceTime call, which is completely Internet-based. Since you’re not having Wi-Fi, the voice component of the call would be charged from the minutes, as well as the FaceTime part will be deducted from the mobile data package.


Facetime audio calls don’t use minutes as it will only consume internet Mbs so if you have an internet connection then it will only use an internet connection as well if you don’t have any Wi-Fi then you can use a cellular data connection. We hope you find this article; does facetime audio use minutes? quite illuminating and informative.

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