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Does Facetime Automatically End?

Does Facetime Automatically EndFacetime is a pre-installed application in Apple devices like iPhone, iPod, iPad, and MacBook which lets the user audio or video chat with their loved ones. This app only uses a wireless internet connection or cellular internet connection for allowing the user to make calls with their friends and family. As well this app has numerous perks and is one of the best things that spices it’s worth is you can call anyone if you don’t know their number but if you know the email id of the user that is tied up with their Apple device.

Facetime application has many features that include adding filters, stickers, or text while chatting as well the user can do conference calls with their loved ones. Having a stable internet connection will permit the user to make endless calls without any inconvenience but some users reported that facetime calls automatically end. Why is it so? Want to know about it? Glad to help, read down this article to find out does facetime automatically ends?

Does Facetime Automatically End?

The simple answer to this query is no. There is no such feature in this app that will automatically end the calls, the user can make countless calls for many hours. The Facetime app will not automatically end as there might be some reason for it that will end the call so below we are going to mention the reason why it happens so;

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  • Poor Internet Connection –a poor internet connection is one of the common reasons that will disturb the call and it will end. Call ending due to poor internet connection might seem like it automatically ends but it is not like this.
  • Data limitations –data limitation is also a reason why facetime call ends, it usually happens when the user is using a cellular data connection and the plan package has limited MBs. so using a cellular data connection will limit the MBs and this is why the call ends and it seems exactly like it is automatically ended.
  • App Crash –sometimes bad internet connection is not the only reason why facetime call ends it can also happen due to the software malfunctioning as sometimes the service is down that makes the call end. However, if this happens it usually disturbs the audio or video quality, and users face difficulty while chatting over facetime.
  • Low Battery –low battery is also the reason that will make the screen dark and it seems like the call automatically ends. If any of the parties don’t have enough battery the screen will get dark and the call will be ended.
  • Accidentally Hung Up –during a call if someone accidentally presses the end button and the call is ended. As well, the facetime app has featured a specific sound that lets the user know if someone has hung up the call.
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The above are actual reasons that will end the call, poor internet connection or data limitation is the common reason for sudden call end.


Facetime has not introduced any feature like automatic call ending so if you are wondering does facetime automatically end? Then it is not like this, numerous reasons will disrupt the call and it will end seems like it ends automatically. Poor internet connection or low battery are common reasons why a call ends as well. If someone accidentally hits the end button, the call will end abruptly.

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