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Does Facetime Belong To Facebook?

Does Facetime Belong To FacebookFacetime application is one of the most-used apps on Apple devices that let the user call their friends and family just by using an internet connection. Facetime is a popular app on the iPhone and other Apple devices however, this app is not available for android or windows users. But, making facetime accessible to android or windows is under discussion as well there will be a lot of changes in features. Facetime app makes the call in public a bit easier as you have the option of blocking the background noise which means it will let the user call in peace.

Adding on, android or windows users can also get access to facetime all they have to do is to get the link of facetime from the Apple user. However, numerous apps usually work the same as facetime. You can also make audio or video calls through an internet connection. The facetime app is perfectly designed with the end to end encryption which means the chat is protected and no third party can get into it.

But, as other apps zoom, messenger and Facebook people think that facetime is somehow related to Facebook, so do you want to know that does facetime belongs to Facebook? Cool, we have arranged all the information about this query below, so dig down and get the answer.

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Does Facetime Belong To Facebook?

No, facetime does not belong to Facebook. Facebook is not anyhow related to facetime as the facetime app is available only in iOS and macOS. But, Facebook has messenger which somehow works the same as facetime. The user can make audio or video calls with their Facebook contacts just like facetime but facetime gives more favorable features to the user than the messenger.

The user can use facetime on Facebook as well. This app is not related to Facebook or Messenger, you must have an Apple device to enjoy the great features of facetime. However, while using android use messenger or zoom.


If you are wondering, does facetime belong to Facebook? No, it does not. Facetime is available only on Apple devices as well you don’t have this app on android. However, the messenger app has the feature of making audio or video calls with Facebook contact but it has less favorable features than facetime. We hope you find this article; does facetime belong to Facebook? Quite illuminating and helpful.

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