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Does Facetime Block Background Noise?

Does Facetime Block Background NoiseFacetime is a video or audio chatting app on Apple devices that lets the user make unlimited calls and stay connected with their friends and family. This application works only when there is a stable internet connection; it can be Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. This application is the most used one and comes up with beneficial features that make chatting more entertaining and exciting.

Even if you are not at home you can make calls by using public Wi-Fi if available otherwise it is better to have a data plan package for making calls in the public. But sometimes face-timing seems difficult because of the background noise that will make the call inaudible to you. So, you might be wondering now is there any feature in facetime that blocks the background noise. Right?

Does facetime block background noise? Is it possible? Do you want to know about it? No worries, we’ve segregated all information for you about this query, so without any further delay let’s get into it and find how we can block background noise.

Does Facetime Block Background Noise?

Yes, it is possible to block the background noise while using facetime. Generally, when you are chatting on facetime and your mic is open, it will pick up all the background noise which will make the call hard to hear for both parties.

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So, you might be thinking about any specific feature in facetime that blocks all the background noise, yes there is a feature like this in facetime that lets you facetime in peace even if the background is noisy. Below we are mentioning some steps by which you can block background noise while face-timing.

  • First of all, call the person you want to chat with and then open the ‘control center’ just by dragging down the chatting screen.
  • Now you will see an option ‘mic mode’ at the top.
  • Press this and you will see further three options which are ‘Standard, Voice isolation, Wide spectrum’.
  • You have to select the voice isolation option which will block all the background noise and let you chat in peace.
  • However, by following the same method you can turn off this option and by choosing ‘Standard’ it returns to normal and will not filter the background noise.
  • Moreover, the Wide Spectrum option of facetime will increase the background noise or will keep it at a normal level.

By following the above steps you can easily block the background noise while audio or video chatting on facetime.

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Facetime app is the frequently used app that will allow the user to do audio or video chat just by using the internet connection as well its favorable feature lets the user enjoy the call. But, background noise sometimes makes the call hard to hear so does facetime block background noise? Yes, the facetime voice isolation option lets you block the background noise.

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