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Does Facetime Blur Your Face?

Does Facetime Blur Your FaceFacetime is the most used application in the iPhone or other Apple devices like iPod, iPad, and Macbook as well this app is used for video or audio chatting by using an internet connection. This app comes up with numerous features that spice up the worth of this app. Adding on, you don’t have to spend your plan package minutes as this app will not consume your minutes and will use a cellular data connection.

Facetime app has many modest features like changing the background, adding stickers, filters, and text while chatting that adds more fun in the call. This application is almost free of cost once you have a wireless internet connection in your home or free Wi-Fi in public you can use your facetime app otherwise you have to buy any mobile data package which will allow you to use the facetime app.

But some users reported that facetime blurs the face, do you want to know about it? So, for the answer to the query; does facetime blur your face? Delve into this article and find out what the actual reason is.

Does Facetime Blur Your Face?

The answer to this question is no. The facetime app will not blur your face it usually happens due to many reasons which are as follow

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1.) Poor Internet Connection:

Poor internet connection is the major reason why you feel facetime blur your face and also affects the quality of video chat.

2.) Filthy Camera:

A dirty camera is also the reason why you feel your face is blurry on facetime so better to clean the camera with a clean cloth.

3.) Filter or Effect:

Blurry face while face-timing might happen due to you having enabled any effect or filter that makes the face blurry.

4 .) Portrait Mode:

portrait mode effect is usually used to blur the background while video chatting on facetime, sometimes due to some glitches, it blurs the face of the user too.

Slow and poor internet connection sometimes makes the face blurry while facetime as facetime app hasn’t introduced any feature like this which makes the face of the user blurry. As well, a filthy camera lens also makes the appearance of the user blurry so better to clean off the camera with a soft and clean cloth, which might help you to get rid of the blurry face on facetime.


The answer to the most asked question of does facetime blur your face is no because facetime has the ability to overcome the glitches but there is no feature in facetime that will make the face blurry. Blurry face on facetime might happen due to the poor internet connection or any filter which makes your appearance on camera blurry. We hope you find this article; does facetime blur your face? quite illuminating and helpful.

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