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Does Facetime Burn Battery?

Does Facetime Burn Battery?You are on a video call and wondering why does battery is draining so quickly on facetime? You are just at the right place, dig down this article till the end and get all the information about it.

Facetime app used for video or audio chatting is one of the best-featured apps in the Apple device letting the user video or audio chat with their loved ones just by connecting with a stable internet connection. Its favorable feature lets the user enjoy the video or audio chat without any difficulty as well it will block the background noise if you are in public ensuring that you chat in a peaceful environment.

But this enjoyment turns into worry when the mobile shows the low battery notification so you might be thinking it is due to facetime. Now, you aren’t at home and have no place to plug in your phone for recharging, this is frustrating. Right? Does facetime burn battery? Want the answer to this query? So, let’s get into it.

Does Facetime Burn Battery?

Yes, facetime does burn your battery. You are going to use your phone throughout the day and if you are not at home and your phone is draining the battery if you are using facetime. But how can we minimize the battery burning while on facetime? No worries, below we have mentioned some tricks and tips for you so let’s take a look.

  • Use headphones -using a built-in speaker sometimes burns the battery as compared to the headphone so if you are in public then better to use your headphones as it will not drain the phone’s battery as much.
  • Don’t use Siri -while using the phone in public better not to use Siri as it will quickly burn the battery.
  • No vibrating feature -the vibrating feature that tends to notify the person for incoming calls and messages must be turned off as it will deplete the battery faster.
  • Use a power adapter -if you are in public or at home keeping a power adapter with you is a feasible option as you can charge your phone without any inconvenience. Use your phone cord with a power adapter and charge your phone even you are in a coffee shop or at an office table.
  • Internet Eating Apps -better not use that internet consuming apps like stock apps, maps, and many others. Instead, if you are in public and your battery is draining quickly then turn off all these apps.
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These are all the precautionary measures that you should follow if you are using facetime in public or at home, as these are the highly favorable tips that will save your mobile from quick battery draining.

FaceTime is one of the lucrative features of the iPhone that lets you chat and even live calls with your friends and family in case they are also using Apple, as this feature is only available on Apple devices. FaceTime is also available as an app that can be downloaded on your laptop and used for video communication and chatting. 

FaceTime was first introduced by Apple way before a majority of the Apps provided video calls. Initially, it was a remarkable feature linked with the owners of iPhones only other than doing Skype for video chatting. However, everything comes at a cost, and this feature of Apple is quite notorious for draining the phone’s battery. 

This is common that if you use FaceTime a lot on your iPhone, the phone battery will exhaust much more rapidly. And if you are one of those who feel irksome while charging a phone more often, then it will not be your haven as FaceTimes consumes a lot of battery. 

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Now the point to ponder is why a particular app on the phone drains out so much battery and also makes the phone go hot. The answer to this question is not so complicated but a simple one. When FaceTime is connected, it is one of the heavier apps on the iPhone; it uses a lot of CPU capacity. 

Besides using the CPU to a greater extent, FaceTime also manages to keep a high picture quality and smooth connection to deliver the best to its users without compromising quality. While doing so, the iPhone consumes a lot of battery to keep the functionality of FaceTime up to the mark, and the more the CPU usage is involved, the more batter it utilizes to run its functions. 

So while using FaceTime, the load on the iPhone exceeds a little more than usual, and it starts consuming more power from the battery to continue with a smooth video call. Besides more battery consumption, the phone also starts heating up when FaceTime is used due to its extra load on the CPU. 

So it’s evident that FaceTime and higher battery consumption go hand in hand with Apple devices. When there is FaceTime usage, you should expect significant drops in battery levels. But there is another dimension to it that is more intriguing; if FaceTime is not being used still, it is draining some parts of the battery continuously.

FaceTime is such an app that makes the battery suffer a lot in terms of consumption and damage. To check the battery consumption by different apps on the iPhone, you should go to the battery section and check the apps that are using battery; you will see that FaceTime will be consuming quite a high figure even if you haven’t used it. This is something quite irksome. 

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An iPhone cannot be charged while having a FaceTime call as it makes the phone more and more heated up, and finally, the device proffers a warning that the phone is too heated up to perform. In this scenario, if you keep charging along with an ongoing FaceTime call, you can even burn the battery of your iPhone. This situation is rare as the phone itself gives a warning of being too heated up and stops the function itself before you get into jeopardy. Therefore, in this situation, you have to let it cool and then continue with the rest of your tasks.


Does facetime burn battery? It does, better to follow all the tips we have mentioned above to save your phone’s battery from draining. Using internet eating apps and vibrate features will consume the battery comparatively so better to use a power adapter for recharging your phone if you are at a public place. We hope you find this article; Does facetime burn battery? Quite informative and helpful.

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