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Does Facetime Burn Data?

Does Facetime Burn Data?Facetime is a video or audio chatting app just as other apps like messenger, zoom, and many others but the difference is this app is accessible only on Apple devices. Using Wi-Fi for facetime seems like you are using this app for free, however, if you don’t have Wi-Fi and are using your cellular data package then you have to pay fees for the mobile data so that you can use facetime. But, facetime never uses your cellular package minutes as it only requires the internet for making audio or video calls as well this app will be the default whenever there is a Wi-Fi connection available.

Additionally, using facetime over a cellular data connection will cost you more as compared to using facetime on the internet connection. But, most users complained that mobile data burns more than Wi-Fi, also the data connection has a limit per month restricting users from limitless calls. So, does facetime burn data? Do you want to know about this query? Cool, below we are going to mention all the necessary information for this query.

Does Facetime Burn Data?

Yes, facetime burns data more as compared to when you are using this app on the Wi-Fi connection. So if you are making facetime audio or video call the data usage for this is 3MBs per minute. As well, if you are using facetime for almost 1 hour then 180 to 190 MBs data will burn out. However, if you are using a simple mobile data package then the user can do a video to audio chat for almost 18 to 20 hours per month.

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If the mobile data connection is not good at all then the audio or video call quality will be lower as well it will eat fewer data comparatively. But for long-distance video or audio calls the cellular data connection is not a good option to switch to the Wi-Fi connection. Moreover, the user can now see the data usage while making a facetime call, let’s get into it.

  • First of all open the facetime app and the facetime history is opened, you have to click on the information icon that is just on the right side of every contact.
  • Click on it, here the minutes and data used while making a call are mentioned.

By this method, you can easily see the data usage of facetime calls as well as use a data plan package that covers all the monthly facetime calls.


Does facetime burn data? It may do as facetime eats more cellular data than Wi-Fi as well the user can also check the data usage while using mobile data connection. We have mentioned a method above by which the user can check out the data usage while making facetime audio or video calls.

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