Does Facetime Go on Pause When Someone Calls?

Does Facetime Go on Pause When Someone Calls?Facetime is a popular Apple device application that is used for establishing connections with friends and family over the phone through video or audio calls. Apple devices like iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Macbook Air or Pro come up with this pre-installed app that lets the user make video or audio calls just by connecting the devices with cellular or wireless internet connection. This app has multiple features that sound and look fun as well. This app is completely free of cost but you must have a stable internet connection for making the call possible. 

Does Facetime Go on Pause When Someone Calls?

Facetime application’s user now can block the background noise which means the person can talk with their friends and family in peace even though he is in a crowded noisy place. However, if the person does not have the contact information of the person whom they want to call no need to worry about it as the user can now use their email address instead of contact number. As well, this app is highly secured which means you can talk with the other person without any difficulty as no third party will invade your privacy. 

But, facetime goes on pause when someone calls, is it so? Why the facetime pause when someone calls? Do you want to know the answer to this query? No worries, we have gathered all the necessary information for you below, so let’s give it a read. 

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Yes, facetime goes on pause when someone calls, however, the call will not end, mostly on every device no matter if it’s Apple or android all the transmission will go on pause and let the user first attend the call. Using the facetime application will not only give the user the benefit of using a wholesome app with numerous beneficial features but as well it will let the user enjoy the call without getting disturbed by the background noise. 

However, if the caller gets the call then the facetime call will go on pause so the user will end or pick up the incoming call, as well you can still chat with your friend on facetime through audio. The video screen will not be visible anymore as the screen is paused but after finishing the call or tapping on the facetime screen, the other one can easily see you on your screen. 

Except for the incoming calls during the facetime call, any other activity you are doing on your phone will pause the screen of the facetime and the person you are on facetime will not be able to see your face anymore as the screen is paused. Extensively, if you are on a group call and want to pause the video or you want to use any other app then the screen will not go on pause but it will minimize the screen. So for pausing the screen on the video call you have to click on the facetime icon that is present on the lower side of the screen next to the call end button. 

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But, there is an amusing fact about stopping facetime to pause while using it on macOS, so for this option, you have to set the video of facetime by clicking on the facetime option ‘Always on Top’. By selecting this option your facetime video will not pause even if you are using any other app, after this setting it prefers to restart your facetime for better results. 

You cannot stop facetime from pausing the video if you have an incoming call, although you can decline or send the message to the one who is calling. Also, for the incoming calls, you can easily hold the current call and receive the incoming call, as facetime has a Hold and accept the option. 


Facetime application is the most used app in Apple devices as it lets the user do audio or video calls just by connecting the device with a stable internet connection. Getting incoming calls will pause the screen of the facetime call. You have another option to do what if your facetime screen goes on pause when someone calls. We hope you find this article; does facetime go on pause when someone calls; quite informative and helpful.

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