Does Facetime Have A Time Limit?

Does Facetime Have A Time Limit?Facetime -a video and audio calling pre-installed app in the Apple devices letting the user call their loved one just by using this app and by making an internet connection. This application does have numerous modest features that let the user enjoy their call with friends and family. Even though you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection you can use your cellular data connection, just buy any plan package and use it whenever you don’t have Wi-Fi. However, using a cellular data connection will eat up your battery more as compared to the mobile using Wi-Fi. 

Facetime application is not only used to make calls with far friends and family you can also attend your meetings and conference calls on this. As well, this app has the best feature of blocking all the unnecessary noise from the background so the user can attend the call and the background noise will not bother both the caller and receiver. Additionally, if you are at any public place and have to attend meetings urgently, you can easily blur the background and can join the meeting without any inconvenience. 

Does Facetime Have A Time Limit?

Now, a question might be arising in your mind: does facetime have a time limit? Does facetime call end automatically? Do you want to know the answer to these questions? Cool, read out the below query to find the answer. 

The short answer to this query is no. Facetime does not have a time limit. You can do video or audio or audio chat endlessly without any inconvenience. This application is designed in such a way that the user can endlessly make video or audio calls for countless minutes or hours. 

But, somehow the user reported the issue of ending calls abruptly, imagining that there might be some time limit set up by facetime. No, it is not like that although there are a few reasons that will end the call, letting the user assume that maybe facetime has a time limit. Below we are mentioning a few reasons that are the reason why facetime calls the end, so read and find out if this is happening with you too. 

  • Unstable Internet Connection :

Unstable internet connection is one of the biggest reasons for facetime call ends and seems like facetime has a time limit. So better to check your internet connection if it is causing trouble than better to switch to mobile data connection, or wait for the rebuilding of stable internet connection. If that’s not the reason then better to keep reading and find out why it happens.

  •  Hung Up :

During the facetime call, the other party intentionally or unintentionally hung up the call, leaving you behind thinking about if the facetime limit is an up or unstable internet connection. But, it’s not like this in every case, if someone accidentally presses the end call button, the facetime call will end up automatically. 

  • Server Down:

This is the most common reason why calls end and the user starts imagining that facetime has a time limit, no it is not like that, it usually happens if the app crashes down. You will get notifications of this from social media, better to wait when the issue is resolved and then call the person you want. 

  • Dead Battery :

A dead battery is also the reason a facetime call ends automatically, so better to charge your phone if you are going to make any facetime call as it will let you make your call peacefully without any interruption. 

  • Data Limitation :

Data limitation is also the reason the call ends automatically, that’s way better to make sure that your mobile has enough MBs so the user can call in peace without any inconvenience. 

These are a few reasons which make you think that does facetime have a time limit? But, no there is nothing like that, as facetime has not introduced any feature like this. So better to read all the above reasons and find out what’s the actual reason in your case. 


Does facetime have a time limit? No, it does not have any time limit, the user can make endless calls for countless hours, and facetime will not end the call. We hope you find this article; does facetime have a time limit, quite helpful and illuminating.

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