Does Facetime Have An Automatic Filter

Does Facetime Have An Automatic FilterFacetime is a video or audio calling application available only on Apple devices and it only requires an internet link for making connections with friends and family. This application is the most reliable app for the Apple user and is available only on the iPhone, iPod, iPad, and MacBook Air or Pro. Unfortunately, this application is not available on Android or Windows but someone in the company stated about introducing the application to android or windows. 

Another feature that spices up the worth of this facetime is the user can chat with any person even if they don’t have their contact number then the user can use the email address of the user that is tied with their Apple device. The user can use different kinds of effects that will improve the mood of the person as well they can add text and aesthetic effects to the video chatting. 

But, does facetime have an automatic filter? Does facetime add a filter automatically when the person starts a video call? How can we enable the option of automatic filters on facetime? Keep reading till the end to know the answer to all these queries. 

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Does Facetime Have An Automatic Filter?

The answer to this question is maybe yes or maybe no. Sometimes users do have many other beauty applications that automatically add the beauty filter whenever the person is on the facetime video chat. However, the facetime application doesn’t have an automatic filter but the user can add the effects and beauty filter just by clicking on the option available in the video chatting on the below-left side of the screen. 

How can we Apply the Filter on the Facetime Call?

Here we are mentioning some steps for you, do follow them if you want to add filters to your facetime video call. Using effects on the facetime video call not only enhances the interest of both parties but also makes the video call more entertaining and exciting.

  • Add Filters:

  • Unlock your phone and open the facetime application. 
  • Then dial the number of the person whom you wanted to call. 
  • After this, now look for the star-shaped icon that is Effects. 
  • From here you can easily add the filters, black or white, aesthetic, beauty filters, and whatnot!  
  • After selecting the filter click on it and then tap on your screen again, your filter is on. 
  • Add Text:

  • As well, besides forming the filters, the user can add the text on the video chat so for adding text on the facetime video call, click on the label option. 
  • After selecting a label, write what you want, and here’s how you can add text to your facetime video calling.
  • Add Stickers:

  • The user can also add stickers like emojis, emojis, and 3D avatars on their facetime video call and from the star-shaped icon, you can search for the stickers. 
  • After selecting the stickers, do add the stickers you want, if you don’t want to reveal your face then you can add an avatar as well emoji, and emojis add fun and excitement to the video call. 
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This is how you can add filters, text, and stickers to your facetime video call as well facetime does not have any automatic filter but if you have any other beauty app then it may be applicable on the facetime video call. 


Does facetime have an automatic filter? It may not have such a feature but if the user has any beauty application then it may imply on the facetime video call too. But the user can add filters and effects on the facetime video call just by following the steps we have mentioned above and can make the chat more entertaining.

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