Does Facetime Have Beauty Filters

Does Facetime Have Beauty FiltersOn Apple devices, a pre-installed video and audio calling application is facetime and is used to make calls with friends and family over the phone just by connecting the gadget with an internet connection. The user must have a stable internet connection whether it is Wi-Fi or cellular internet connection, usually, people use mobile data when they are in public and Wi-Fi is not working properly. Facetime applications do have numerous favorable features that help to make chatting on video more fun and entertaining. 

Facetime users can use Wi-Fi or mobile data for making audio or video as well the user can even attend meetings and conference calls without any inconvenience. The user can even block the background noise while taking any call as it will not only let the caller and receiver talk in peace but also maintain a calm environment. Facetime does allow the user to make endless calls countless times but if you have a stable internet connection. But, while using facetime some users might want to use filters, right? Does facetime have beauty filters? Do you want to know about it? No worries, we have arranged all the necessary information for you. 

Does facetime have beauty filters? 

Yes, facetime does have beauty filters. The facetime user can easily use this filter, but how? Dig it out. Nowadays people do prefer to add some beauty filters as it not only enhances the interest but also makes the video call more fun and entertaining. Below are some steps we have mentioned for you so do read it out to know how you can enable the beauty filters.

  1. Launch the facetime application, select the person you want to facetime and click on the video call icon. 
  2. After dialing the number, you will see many options below the screen and one on the left side of the screen is ‘effects’.
  3. Click on it and then choose the beauty filter you want to apply, beauty filters do reshape as well and smooth your skin, making you look pretty. 
  4.  Also, you can remove the beauty filter whenever you want just by clicking on the X icon present on the right side of the screen. 

This is how you can add beauty filters while making video calls, however, there are also many options like adding many other features on the video chat. Would you like to know? Yes? Keep reading!

What type of filters can we add to the facetime video call?

There are a dizzying number of options for you to add to the facetime video call, like changing the background, adding text or emojis in the video chat, and whatnot!

  • Filters:

The user can add filters while making video calls and it usually includes screen color contrast, face shaping, skin smoothness, and many other options that furnish the video chat with entertainment. 

  • Memoji and emoticons:

If you are an Apple user then you must know the advantage of having many kinds of emojis and emojis, so the user on the facetime call can add emojis on their face. 

  • Portraits:

Attending facetime video calls on roads, bars, or restaurants, usually in public places many people don’t like to share the background so with the portrait option the caller or receiver can hide the background by blurring it. 

  • 3D Avatar :

Just like emojis the user also has the option of using a 3D avatar, so if the user doesn’t want to show the face to the other person then they can surely add a 3D avatar on their face. 

Just like you add the effects on your video calls, in the same way, you can turn it back on the original just by clicking the ‘Original’ option. 


Does facetime have beauty filters? Yes, facetime has the option of beauty filters, the user can add filters and many effects on facetime to make the call more interesting and fun. Using an avatar is a convenient option because if the user doesn’t want to reveal your face to the other party. We hope that you find this article; does facetime have beauty filters, illuminating and helpful.

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