Does Facetime Have Closed Captioning?

Does Facetime Have Closed Captioning?Facetime application is a pre-installed video or audio calling application in the iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Macbook, in short in every Apple device. This application lets the user do audio or video chatting with their friends and family over the phone if the device is connected with an internet connection. Facetime app comes up with many fun features like you can add filters and text in your call, which will make the video call more exciting and entertaining. 

Does Facetime Have Closed Captioning?

The Apple device use has the benefit of using this application as the Android and Windows user till now don’t have this application, but it is possible that in near future this app will also be available for the android and windows user too. Sometimes, calling on facetime seems a bit difficult due to background noise or unfortunately, you don’t have your earphones nearby. Now you might be thinking, is there any feature that adds captions of what the other party is saying? Is there any? Do you want to know? Glad to help, keep reading this article and find out that does facetime has closed captioning?

Yes, facetime does have closed captioning, now people with hearing impairments can do video calls without any inconvenience as there is the availability of closed captioning on facetime. Even though facetime the user can also add captions to all the other apps for video calling, so better to read the below instruction to know how you can enable this feature on your Apple device. 

Turning on the Closed Captions on iPhone: 

  • First of all, open the settings of your iPhone and then scroll down and find out the Accessibility. 
  • After clicking on this option, scroll down and find the section ‘Hearing’, from here you will see an option Subtitles and captioning.
  • Click on this option and turn it on. 

Turning on the Closed Captions on Mac:

  • Find the Apple sign on your Macbook screen and click on it. 
  • Here you will see an option ‘System preferences’, click on it. 
  • Numerous options will appear on the screen, search ‘Accessibility’.
  • Tap on it and look for the Captions option, and click on the ‘Prefer closed caption and SDH’ and turn it on. 

This is how you can add captions to your facetime video call. Also if you want to turn it off you can use the same method for turning off this option. 

There is another authentic method of adding closed captioning to your facetime video call, how? Keep reading. 

Navi application is a genuine application that adds closed captions and subtitles to the facetime video call, so better to download this app and then start facetime call. You will see the subtitles or closed captions on your screen while making a facetime call, the caption will be in pure English. 

But if the user is using another language or blending language then it might be impossible for the Navi app to caption the talk. As well, you can select the language of your choice from the setting option, and now you will start seeing the closed captions on the facetime call. 


Does facetime have closed captioning? Yes, you can add captions in your facetime just by changing some options from the settings. However, there are also methods of adding c; closed captions and subtitles to the facetime call from the iPhone and Macbook. We hope you find this article; does facetime have closed captioning, quite helpful and informative.

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