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Does LCD screen harm eyes?

Does LCD screen harm eyesDoes LCD screen harm eyes?

Does LCD screen harm eyes?

It is certainly true that you can face possible side effects of continuous screen time with LCDs, they usually cause it in two ways. They tend to drop the blink rate drops down and can cause potential digital eye strain. 

Some of the most common symptoms that you have digital eye strain may include dry and tired eyes, constant headaches, and blurry vision as well. 

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Is LCD or LED better for the eyes?

In our opinion, LEDs are by far the safer option in this debate. The reason behind this is that they offer more eye protection features than LCDs ever could. Along with light-emitting diodes, you also get better picture quality and less power consumption. Normal and traditional LCDs employ a cold fluorescent cathode display backlight that is much harsher. 

Do screens actually damage your eyes?

While increased exposure to screens such as computers or tablets or smartphones might not have the long-term damage associated as we might think, there is cause for concern. You can get headaches, migraines, and something called computer vision syndrome that can cause some serious eye strain. 

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Are LCD screens harmful?

While exposure to anything for too long is considered bad, research has shown that LCD screens might be potentially more harmful than we thought. They are said to leak possibly toxic substances into their surrounding environment. While not toxic in their own right, these particles can be toxic eventually. 

Are LED screens bad for your eyes?

There has been a 2012 study that discovered prolonged exposure to or use of LED radiation can be the cause of irreversible damage to the user’s eyes. This has been blamed on the increased exposure to blue light technology. This is said to have something called phototoxic effects and your eye’s degeneration could be sped up due to it. 

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