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Does Migration Assistant transfer Photos?

Does Migration Assistant transfer Photos

Migration Assistant is a utility that Apple Inc developed. As people replace their older gadgets with newer, upgraded ones, they keep them the way they were used to. This means that users tend to keep the settings unchanged in their newer devices along with their data.

Which is designed for the very purpose of preserving data, settings, and accounts. It is programmed to conserve and copy data and settings from one Mac or a PC to another Mac.

This means that users can access their previous Mac or PC data in their newer Mac. This application can be used to copy data from a PC or Mac to your new Mac and restore data or settings in your Mac from a previous time. 

Does Migration Assistant transfer Photos

Migration Assistant copies data, including documents, photos, videos, and files. It can copy settings such as time, events on the calendar, accounts, and any selected applications the user wishes to use. Any selected file and its contents are available to access in the newer Mac.

It is, however, not designed to copy the Operating System of the Mac or PC you are copying the data from. It does this by linking up your two devices via a Network connection and copies data between them. So yes, they can be used to transfer any Photos you would like, as long as they are on your Mac / PC.

How to use Migration Assistant to copy photos?

Before using the application, make sure you have upgraded your Mac to the latest version, and they both are connected to the same Network / Wifi. To use Migration Assistant to copy photos, you need to first open it in the one you currently have the files containing. To open it, head to the utility folder present in your application folder, where you can access Migration Assistant. To make changes, it will require you to enter your administrator password. Once you have entered it, you can proceed and click OK.

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You should continue and choose the option “To another Mac.” The rest are not for copying to another Mac. Following this step, open the Migration Assistant on your new Mac to which you wish to copy the data. On your new Mac, follow the same procedure to open Migration Assitant, but this time choose the option “From a Mac, Time Machine backup, or startup disk”.

Now that your Mac is discoverable, they will be linked up once you see it in the new Mac. You can proceed to select it and continue. Make sure you are pairing with the right Mac by tallying the code displayed on both devices is the same. Once you confirm it and continue, the old Mac should look up the data to copy. Once it is done, it will display the data you can copy to your new Mac.

This includes Applications, your drive, other files and folder, and System & Network; you can select whatever you want in your new Mac. 

The process is quite similar for PC; the only difference is you select the “From another PC” option in the Migration Assistant application. However, it is suggested that if you use OneDrive, you uninstall it before the transfer (you can always install it back once you’re done with the transfer as you do not lose any data by doing so).

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Also, make sure your hard drive is healthy. You will need to download the Migration Assistant on your windows, based on the version of Mac OS that you’re using in your Mac. Once you’re done, the process is the same, except the option you pick is “From another PC.”

If the account on your new Mac is different from the one in the old one, you will be asked to set up a new password on the new computer for the old account. If the accounts do match, you will be asked to rename the account on your new Mac, overriding the one in your new Mac.

Once you’re past this step, you are pretty much done, and all you have to do is wait for the copy to finish. Depending on your connection speed and the amount of data to be copied, it can take up from a few minutes to several hours.

Once the copy is complete, you can access the data on your new Mac by logging into the user account associated with the data. You can set a touch ID and theme with the copied data.

You should follow this process if you wish to copy photos via Migration Assistant. You can choose what you copy, so you can select only the folder(s) containing the photos you wish to copy using the Migration Assistant. This way, you can copy your photos with the help of the Migration Assistant.

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