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Does Migration Assistant Wipe The Old Mac’s Data?

Does Migration Assistant Wipe The Old Mac’s Data

This article explains the answer to the question “Does Migration Assistant Wipe The Old Mac’s Data?”

The Migration Assistant app is indeed a lifesaver when it comes to transferring all of your data to your newer Mac. All of your files, applications, photos, and documents can be smoothly and safely transferred with just one application. 

Does Migration Assistant Wipe The Old Mac’s Data?

However, if you wonder if it will wipe all of your old Mac’s data, the answer is no. It does not. Migration Assistant only copies your data to move it to another place. It can’t delete any of your files. 

Can I Still Use My Old Mac After Migration Assistant? 

It is very much possible for you to use your old Mac even after migrating all of your data to your newer one. The migration assistant leaves the data on your old Mac as it is. It does not cause any harm or changes to your old computer. You can also have ease of mind as you use your old Mac or if you want to get rid of any unnecessary data that might be stored in it. 

Does Migration Assistant Copy Everything Over To Your Other Mac? 

Yes, migration assistant copies absolutely every file to transfer to your other computer. This includes all your applications, data, documents, and photos, and videos. This way, all of your data is secured in your new Mac, and you do not have to worry about leaving anything behind., 

Although copying everything over is a great feature, it can be a hassle for someone who wants to get rid of some junk. If you do not want to transfer all of your files but rather leave some unwanted ones, you could do a deep clean of your folders to ensure you do not transfer any of the files you do not want on your new Mac. 

What Exactly Does Apple Migration Assistant Transfer? 

Migration Assistant is used to transferring all of your data from one computer to another, so you do not have to worry about figuring out a way to transfer it all. You need to go to your Applications folder > Utility folder > and Run Migration Assistant. You can trust it to do the rest. Some of your data might take up a few hours of your time, but you will find it all on your other Mac after it all.

How Do I Wipe My Old Mac After Migration?

Once you have completed transferring all of your files, you need to do several steps before your old Mac is wiped clean. 

First of all, Make sure you sign out of iCloud, iTunes, and iMessage. 

Now all you need to do is is reformat your hard drive and reinstall macOS. Follow the steps below: 

-Restart your MacBook Pro

-Press and hold your Command Key + R key to launch your Recovery Mode.

-Select ‘Disk Utility’ 

-Select your startup disk. 

-Choose ‘Erase’

-Erase using Mac OS Extended format. 

-Select ‘Disk Utility’ then click ‘Quit Disk Utility.’

-Reinstall Mac OS > Launch Recovery Mode > Select Reinstall macOS

-When the installation completes, press Command Key + Q and select shutdown. 

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