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Does monitor come with hdmi cable?

Does monitor come with hdmi cableDoes the monitor come with an HDMI cable? Let’s find out…

Does monitor come with hdmi cable

Yes, almost every monitor comes with HDMI cable.

Do gaming monitors come with HDMI cables?

While there is a pre-installed HDMI port in gaming monitors, most modern-day gaming monitors do not come with a packaged HDMI cable. 

Some, however still may offer a cable. So, it is best to consult the user guide of the product you are buying.

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What cables come with monitors?

Different cables come with different monitors. Most monitors come with a DVI (digital visual interface) and VGA (video graphics array) port and cable. Some may also have a DisplayPort for audio and video input.

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How do I know if my monitor is HDMI?

You can check if your monitor supports HDMI by looking for a pre-installed HDMI port at the back.

Alternatively, you may probe your device’s specifications in its manufacturing details under the heading of ‘input-output. This information will be contained either in the user manual that comes with it or on the manufacturer’s official website.

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Do Dell monitors come with HDMI cables?

Yes, some Dell computers (like Dell 24 Gaming Monitor: S2421HGF) do come with an HDMI cable. However, most Dell computers may not have one in the package-deal. They do have an HDMI port though. So, you may buy the cable locally or from a Dell store.

To find the exact types of cables included with your monitor package, either visit the Dell website or read the user- manual for your device.


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