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Does monitor size include bezel?

Does monitor size include bezelDoes monitor size include bezel?

Does monitor size include bezel?

No, monitor size should and does not include the extra bit of inches along with the 4 corners and sides of your device. These are there to frame the screen and not part of the screen itself. These can make a huge difference in what size your screen will be but most importantly how much of that you will be using. 

Are bezels included in screen size?

Since bezels usually are an inch or two of plastic or metal and they cover all four sides of your monitor, it means that this is not your screen real estate. At least not any you will be utilizing! Therefore, bezels should not be included in the screen size. 

Does the laptop screen size include bezels?

Although it might be advertised like this sometimes, the laptop screen size is not supposed to include bezels! If you are looking to figure out the size, then make sure you do not add in the bezel area or the border that surrounds the screen. 

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How do you tell what size a monitor is?

Simple; you measure it! That’s pretty much the easiest way. Of course, if the information is available you could ideally look up product specifications. However, if you are not privy to that information, you can get a measuring tape instead.

Measure the screen from the top-left corner and take it all the way down to the bottom-right corner. The important part is to leave out the bezel part since this is not part of the screen you will be utilizing. 

What is a bezel on a computer monitor?

When we refer to a bezel, they are the outer edges and corners on your monitor screen. This may be all around or simply on the inner corners. This is usually in the form of an inch or two of plastic or metal to act as a boundary.  

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