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Does my monitor have no sound?

Does my monitor have no soundDoes my monitor have no sound?

Does my monitor have no sound?

If the monitor’s speakers are not working, it’s usually due to incorrectly configured settings or cables. There are a few things you can do to solve this issue, like checking your connections, adjusting the volume, performing a sound test, or playing sound using a device other than your monitor.

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How do I get sound to play through my monitor?

To get the sound to play through your monitor, connect it to your computer and to the power supply to turn it on.

Now go to the Windows taskbar, and find the audio-icon in the system tray area. Right-click the icon and select the option saying “Playback Devices.”

Conversely, if you are connecting your monitor via Displayport or HDMI, click on your monitor’s name in the device list to play the sound.  

Yes, it’s that simple! 

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What do I do if my monitor has no speakers?

Sometimes the monitor may not have speakers and in that scenario, you can either use an HDMI port as an Audio Extractor. This HDMI port goes through the audio sources and you can use it to get the sound output. 

The only limitation is, you need to have speakers with a minimum of 3.5mm Jack Support for this audio extraction. 

Why has my sound suddenly stopped working?

If your monitor has suddenly stopped playing sound, it may be due to the outdated design or some other malfunctioning drivers. These issues may cause some hardware problems that ultimately lead to stopping the sound output. 

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You can resolve the issue by updating or reinstalling the drivers and rolling them back to the audio driver.

How do I enable HDMI audio?

Enabling the HDMI audio is easy, just on some clicks. All you have to do is, go to the system tray and right-click on the volume icon followed by clicking on the “Playback Devices.”

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There, find your specific HDMI Device, and you can enable it in two ways; either by right-clicking and selecting “Enable,” or by opening the Properties followed by setting the “Device Usage” to “Enable or Use this device.”

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