Does PS5 support 8k?

Does PS5 support 8k?

Does PS5 support 8k? Let’s find out…

If you are thinking or purchasing the Playstation 5 and not sure whether the PS5 is compatible with 8k resolution or not, this guide is the answer for you.

Does PS5 support 8k?

The PS5 cannot output 8k video.

But, don’t lose hope as the biggest name in the market is working on this thing to enable the PS5 to output 8k content. The Sony brand is manufacturing software that is mentioned in the FAQ section of the PS5 console which says “ PS5 is compatible with 8k display but a future software update will enable the PlayStation 5 to support 8k resolution”.

Till then you can enjoy 4k, 1080p, and 720p video rendering and unlucky are the 1440p monitor owners. The advent of 8k monitors is also expected and this can be encouraging for all gaming enthusiasts because the update is expected to be released in 2022.

Furthermore, the 5G internet is also available now to handle 8K streaming and the PS5 will be able to easily handle 8k for video games and movies of insanely high resolution.

Similarly, there are no hardware limitations to support 8k content and the best part is the 4k rendering at 30 frames per second, and going with the higher FPS can cause visual effects.

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The plenty of storage allows you to enjoy a huge collection of PS5 games which will be supported by the high-speed SSD.  Because HDD drives can be less reliable.

Sony also said, “ Explorations for allowing players to store (but not play) PS5 games on a USB drive in a future update are underway”. Therefore, an external USB drive is compatible to work with the PS5. There is a 4K Blu-ray drive to install the games from the internet.

I hope this information would have helped you with the solution is PS5 supports 8k or not.


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