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Does PUBG mobile support 120Hz?

Does PUBG mobile support 120HzDoes PUBG mobile support 120Hz?

Does PUBG mobile support 120Hz?

The most famous mobile game PUBG will support twinkling ultra-high graphics with a 90 or 120Hz refresh rate display. Ghost Gaming, which is used to maintain a grasp screen of the settings of the PUBG Mobile beta version, which the gamers switch for connecting 60, 90, and 120Hz refresh rate.

How can I play PUBG Mobile with 120 fps?

Step by step procedure to play PUBG Mobile at 120FPS is: 

  • Download first & then Install the Game For Having Peace.
  • Copy and paste that file or document in the folder of Game Configuration.
  • Open the game and Go to the Settings. 
  • Select the 120FPS option (including 90Hz RR device select 90Fps)
  • Start a quite new match or game and have fun.

Does PUBG Mobile support 90Hz?

The users of PUBG have to settle the refresh rate of the screen at 90Hz first, which can be done conveniently by steering through the display setting of the phone. This goes to inaugurate 90 FPS. Mostly, the PUBG Mobile is comprehensive, and will take the experience of battle royale to a completely new level.

What mobile games support 120Hz?

More than 160 Games are supporting a 120Hz Highly Refresh rate. A few of these games include Arma Mobile Ops, Assassins Creed Rebellion, Auto Chess, Badland Brawl, 1945 Air Forces, Ace Force, Airline Commander, Ancestor, Alto’s Adventure, Alto’s Odyssey, Ballz, BanG Dream, and much more. 

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