Dropped Airpods In Toilet ( Cleaning Techniques )

Dropped Airpods In Toilet

Aww! You dropped your precious AirPods in the toilet. Don’t feel nasty! We’ll guide how can you take out your AirPods from the toilet and reuse them.

Dropping a pair of AirPods in water has to be one of the most depressing experiences for a tech or music enthusiast. There’s a strong possibility you can get your AirPods working again if they’re not still in the toilet water.

This isn’t as unusual as you may think — many people have experienced this, whether in the toilet or the sink. Some people have been able to protect their gadgets from additional harm, and you can do the same with your AirPods using these simple cleaning procedures. An AirPod Cleaning Kit is the best method to properly sanitize your AirPods.

Do you AirPods use in the toilet? Interestingly, what happens if you accidentally dump your AirPods inside the toilet? Apple will not repair a water-damaged gadget because they do not advertise it as water-proof. The gadgets are water-resistant, so you shouldn’t have to worry about them getting damaged from water.

Imagining AirPods falling in the toilet stinks, but if you have by chance confronted this situation, here’s how to handle this nastiness.

Dropped Airpods In Toilet

Seeing your favorite AirPods drop in the toilet or sink is a terrible experience. Because it costs approximately $150, of course, you’ll be able to reach in and catch it from the toilet. What can you do once you have a collected the pair of wet and dirty AirPods in your hands from the toilet? There’s no need to freak out; here are some steps to take if your AirPods accidentally fall into the toilet.

It will be slightly different depending on the position of the toilet in which you unintentionally dropped it, so be careful to read the instructions attentively. Your AirPods should be just fine if you dropped them in a clean toilet. You can begin the process of removing the water from the speakers immediately. But, if AirPods touch the dirty water, you may need to get your hands dirty to clean them and disinfect them.

Clean Your AirPods with Spectral body’s AirPod Cleaner Kit

AirPod Cleaning Kits are the greatest way of cleaning your dirty AirPods. It’s a sin to ignore this. There’s no substitute for a tool that was designed for the task. An old toothbrush wouldn’t suffice compared to the soft-tipped brushes, which also serve as an antibacterial gel applicator. With AirPod Cleaning Kit, you don’t even have to carry around a separate disinfecting liquid solution and cleaning brush.

After wiping off the liquid with a cloth and using the antiseptic applicator brush, you can then use the sticky putty to remove any leftover debris. For the purposes of this post, we’ll explain how to clean your dirty AirPods with the AirPod Cleaning Kit. If you don’t have one yet, we’ll tell you what substitutions you can use.

How To Clean Airpods After Dropping In The A Dirty Toilet?

Even if you’re in the worst scenario, you’ll need to disinfect your AirPods if the toilet wasn’t flushed when they were dropped inside.

Step 1: Clean toilet damaged AirPods 

Layer a couple of paper towels on top of one another and place them under the AirPods to create a little operating table.

STEP 2: Using an antibacterial gel applicator brush, properly clean the AirPods and remove any debris, and apply the gel to all of its surfaces. For those situations when you don’t have the brush, you can also use a cotton swab or toothbrushes to get the job done.

Step 3: Final Step To Cleaning Your AirPods

Once the antiseptic gel or disinfectant has been applied, use the antimicrobial coating to wipe it down once more. To avoid polluting the sponge, disinfect and wash it in warm water before using it. It will aid in the removal of any remaining debris from the scene. For future protection against microbes and bacteria on the AirPods, you can apply the liquid it produces afterward. This acts as an invisible force field against germs and bacteria. Many hospitals and large corporations have used this antimicrobial coating to sanitize surfaces.

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You Are Lucky If Your AirPods Dropped Into The Toilet And Was Not Extremely Dirty 

It’s still not pretty safe to assume that the toilet is clean, even if it was flushed before anything fell on it. So you still need to disinfect it but it won’t be horribly loaded with nasty substances, cleaning it won’t be that urgent of a step. You can learn how to eject the water using the shortcut way, which you can try by reading further below.

It’s time to disinfect and clean your gadget when the water has been removed. Use the soft-tipped brush to cleanse your AirPods and then use the antibacterial gel applicator to coat their whole surface. Don’t bump the speaker holes with the brush, as it might drive liquids down the speaker holes and undo all the work you accomplished. 

You can now dry the surface with the microfiber towel after using the brushes to remove any dirt and grime. If you want to be sure that no liquid entered into the speaker hole while you were cleaning, you can eject water one more time. After you’ve drained the water, use the microfiber towel to clean it up.

How to Clean the Speakers from Water?

Connect your AirPods to your iPhone. To eject the water, locate the “Water Eject” button and press it. As soon as the water flows out, wipe it dry with a microfiber cloth. Repeat as many times as you need to do!

 Final Thoughts 

While it’s highly unlikely that anybody would consider dumping their AirPods in the toilet. There are many solutions and safety precautions you can take just in case. There is a lesson to learn from the horrific event, and we hope this odd piece will be helpful. If you recently found your AirPods in the toilet, don’t hesitate to get the AirPod Cleaning Kit and have it on hand for any future hiccups.

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