Dryer Making Buzzing Noise While Running

Dryer Making Buzzing Noise While RunningSuppose you are annoyed by the dryer’s disturbing and irritating buzzing noise. In that case, this article will help you figure out what exactly the problem is and why your dryer is making a buzzing noise while running.

There can be a lot of reasons responsible for causing buzzing, humming, or grinding noise while the dryer is running. But, the biggest and most obvious reason for the thumping noise while the dryer is running comes from the motor, regardless if it’s an electric dryer or a gas-powered dryer. There are many mechanical parts involved in the rotation of the dryer drum, but the root of the noise is the motor.

You have to do a careful analysis or troubleshooting to detect whether the motor is malfunctioning or if any other dryer component generates annoying and frustrating buzzing sounds.

Dryer Making Buzzing Noise While Running

The first reason that we will discuss is the damaged pulley causing the buzzing noises while the dryer is running. To inspect that, disconnect the dryer from the power source to be on the safe side. Now, remove the cabinet and locate the drum glides on the front bulk load; replace them if you see them damaged or broken.

Another reason for the strange noises from the dryer can be worn-out or broken drum ball bearings. To verify that, unplug the dryer from the power outlet and remove the clothes from the drum to access the ball bearings in the posterior of the drum. Now, spin the drum with your hands and listen closely to see if the squeaking noise is coming from the bottom of the drum. If the buzzing is apparent, that’s an indication that the bearings need replacement.

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The next reason for the buzzing sounds from the dryer can be defective support rollers that hold drums. If your dryer repeatedly makes thumping noises, that means the support rollers and shaft need replacement.

The Dryer Buzzes But Won’t Start:

An advantage of the buzzers means the dryer cycle is ending, but sometimes, the dryer only gives a buzzing noise but does not start, which can be immensely annoying. Rather than getting clean clothes from the dryer, all you get is the nasty noise and wet mass of soaking wet clothes.

Try to look at the driver belt, which can be a reason for the buzzing sound and won’t let the dryer start. For that, unplug the dryer and open the access panel of the dryer. Place the dryer on a side and touch the belt to see any tension in the belt. Also, look for damaged parts or if the belt is broken. Try to tighten it, but replace the belt drive if the problem isn’t resolved.

Dryer Buzzes Then Stops:

If the dryer is buzzing and stopping repeatedly, there can be a change of obstructions stopping the motor from spinning. You need to disconnect the dryer from the power source, remove the dryer belt, and look at the blower fan to find obstructions like clips, needles, or any debris tucked in there. Try to rotate the motor’s shaft with your hands, and if that doesn’t move, that means the motor needs replacement, and you should call a qualified and certified electrician.

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Dryer Buzzes When The Press Starts:

There can be a case where the dryer buzzes when you hit the start button, which can be confusing and problematic. If you start hearing the buzzing, that indicates that the motor is faulty. Remove the door from the power outlet, open the dryer door, press start, and try rolling the drum with your hands. That won’t take a while to fix either.

The Dryer Buzzes And Smells Burnt:

So, if you are hearing the buzzes and feeling a burning sensation, immediately shut down the dryer and unplug the wires. The burning smell from the dryer can be either due to the rotating drum overheating or from the motor. Malfunction in any dryer parts can cause a burning smell and buzzing noises.

Another rare reason for the dryer buzzing while giving a burning smell can be the damaged dryer belt or damaged idler pulley. Try to feel the tension in the belt and if the pulley is faulty, try to replace the entire idler pulley assembly.

Sometimes, worn-out bearings can be the reason for the thumping noise coming out from the bottom of the dryer with the burning sensation. After inspection, replace the bearings with new ones.

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Dryer Making Buzzing Noise While Running:

So, your dryer is making a buzzing noise as well as running at the same time. That can be due to the worn-out drum rollers on which the drum rotates. Remove the power switch and remove the drum. Inspect the rollers and see if there is anything stuck that might be causing the humming noises. Rotate the shaft with your hands. If it doesn’t move easily, use a lubricant to prevent it from obstruction at all. In case of damaged drummer rollers, you might want to replace them with a new pair.

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