Dyson V10 Not Working After Cleaning Filter

Dyson V10 Not Working After Cleaning FilterMany people face the problem of Dyson V10 not working after cleaning the filter. 

The filter is home to the tiniest dirt and dust particles that can build up over time, and the filter has to be washed and cleaned thoroughly to work properly, but sometimes the vacuum doesn’t work when you put the filter back after cleaning.

Dyson V10 Not Working After Cleaning Filter

A quick solution to this problem is that you might be using the wet filter, which requires more airflow that stops the vacuum automatically. Similarly, a wet filter can leave water droplets inside the motor, failing the motorhead. Or, it can be a blockage somewhere, or the filter must have worn out.

So, you were cleaning the filter all spotless, and as soon as you put the filter back, the V10 stopped working? 

Let’s get started with the possible causes and solutions.

Wet Filter:

I hope you cleaned the filter with cold water and followed Dyson’s every instruction, but you still made one mistake; using the wet filter on the vacuum without drying it out.

Using a wet filter is the biggest mistake of homeowners because the wet filter won’t let the vacuum work; even the vacuum will stop or shut down automatically to protect the vacuum from further damage. The reason is simple the wet filter restricts the proper airflow, and the airflow is halted. When the vacuum detects that the filter isn’t letting air travel through, it immediately turns off, saving you from making the whole vacuum useless.

Therefore, you should give the filter at least 24 hours to completely dry and avoid using it if it isn’t fully dried up. Remember that using the wet filter will give you nothing but misery.

If you are thinking of speeding up drying the filter using a hairdryer or a heat gun, stop. Never attempt this because it will ruin the filter quality. Similarly, putting the filter under direct sunlight or scorching heat will also tear it up, and you may have to invest in a new filter for Dyson V10.

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Just put the filter where there is an optimal airflow and let it dry completely, and don’t attempt to use the wet filter as it can even destroy the vacuum ( more on this later )

Incorrect Filter Installation:

Another big reason causing the Dyson not to work is incorrect filter installation. Either you were unable to lock the filter completely, or there was some dust preventing the filter from fitting into place, the vacuum won’t work.

So, keep in mind that if the filter isn’t attached properly or the vacuum isn’t sealed, it will not work.

The best part is that Dyson V10 has a blue light indicator, a warning light that starts flashing to notify you when you pull the trigger. If you see the blue light blinking, the filter is not properly installed, or there is dirt stuck somewhere, making the vacuum not sealed completely. So dirt can also stop the filter from locking into place.

The simple solution is to remove the filter and thoroughly inspect if there is any dirt and if you find it, try to clean it using a soft brush or cotton cloth, preventing any damage.

Now, try to place the filter back and twist it clockwise, and it should give a clicking sound after perfect installation. Hopefully, the filter is properly installed, and the vacuum will also work.

 Worn Out Filter:

The regular use of a vacuum can make the filter wear out quickly because the fine dust saturates the filter quickly compared with the larger debris that can easily be washed away. But, the fine dust gets stuck in the tiny pores of the filter and won’t come off after repeated washes, eventually ruining the filter. And the saturated filter will also minimize the airflow, making it useless for cleaning.

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The maximum life span is two years with light or heavy use. If the filter has lasted for two years or has worn out earlier, it’s time to buy a new Dyson V10 filter from Amazon. Not investing in a filter can damage your vacuum as well.

Motorhead Failure:

If nothing above sorted out the problem, do some troubleshooting to see if there isn’t a technical fault in the vacuum.

Using a wet filter means the water drops can easily penetrate the motor or its electrical parts and cause a short circuit, resulting in a damaged motor or motorhead failure. You know that water can easily damage any electronic device.

If your motorhead has failed, you should get a new motor and install it yourself by taking the vacuum to a local appliance repair shop.

Obstructions Inside V10:

Obstructions inside the vacuum can also cause the vacuum to stop working. Sometimes, dirt accumulates inside different parts of the vacuum, causing a blockage that results in the situation in which the vacuum pulsates to prevent the motor from running continuously and to prevent damage.

As soon as you press the trigger, the vacuum will start to act up or stops functioning, keep in mind that pulsating can also cause internal damage. Therefore, you should carefully inspect the vacuum and remove any dirt accumulation to get the best performance.

To do that, remove all parts and clean each unit with perfection. Carefully check wand, brush bar, and inlet for dirt obstructions and clean off dirt accumulation instantly. Don’t forget to use a gentle cloth or soft brush so that you don’t damage anything.

This exercise will maximize the airflow inside the vacuum, and you will feel like a New Dyson V10 is operating in your home.

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Follow these few tips to increase the Dyson V10 shelf life, make the batteries last longer, and suction last longer.

Never keep the vacuum plugged in; always plug it off after using it.

We are keeping our eyes on cleaning modes and changing according to need.

Storing vacuum at store temperature is recommended.

Cleaning reusable filters regularly will result in maximum performance by vacuum.

Which vacuum sticks to use? See what surface you will clean.

So far, we have provided you with enough information about why Dyson D10 stops functioning after filter cleaning. So, keep it maintained to get maximum output and a longer lifetime.

Whether you are a cleaning junkie or not, cleaning is a chore that everyone avoids. Many people spend a lot of time and effort in the maintenance of the Dyson V10, but somehow, the vacuum starts to malfunction right after they clean the filter. So, we discussed a set of reasons causing this problem and followed those remedies to get the same top-notch performance from your Dyson V10 again.

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