Eureka Vacuum Smells Like Burning- What To Do?

Vacuum cleaners are among the most well-known and widely used domestic cleaning machinery. Besides being practical, they’re also effortless to operate. But what should you do if your Eureka vacuum has a burning odour?

Many moving parts in a vacuum work together to produce a spotless result. Because of this, the smell of something burning may signal danger. Let’s conduct an investigation into the various potential reasons to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it.

Eureka Vacuum Smells Like Burning

Eureka Vacuum Smells Like Burning- What To Do?

A vacuum that emits a burning odour while running likely has an issue on the inside. Something isn’t functioning correctly within the vacuum if there is a burning odour.

If you detect this odour, it means that there is a problem with the vacuum’s foundation.

Belt That’s Past Its Prime

Pieces of the rubber belt will fall off, and the vacuum will emit a burning odour if the belt is worn. In most cases, the belt determines how fast the roller brush spins.

As a result, the roller brush will only be in top shape if the belt comes apart. Because of this, the roller brush and rubber belt may produce a burning odor as they rub against one another.

It may be the belt, so unplug the vacuum and take it apart to inspect it. 

The only tool you’ll require is a screwdriver to complete the task. Examine the state of the belt by unzipping it and looking at its inner workings of it.

If the belt seems to be the source of the odor, you may have to put up with it until you can get a new one.

To avoid this, you should regularly inspect your belt and replace it if wear or damage is detected. If you go through belts frequently, you should consider getting a new one every three months. You might also choose a belt made of metallic rubber, which is an option that offers both comfort and durability.

However, the price tag will be far higher than that of a rubber belt.

Debris Obstruction

A lot of grime needs to be cleaned up by the vacuum. Therefore, it is normal for dirt to accumulate and eventually jam its workings. Assessing whether or not the roller brush is clogged with debris will reveal whether or not the ground is the source of the issue.

If your carpets are filthy, you may find this a common problem. A portion of one of these rugs would become caught in the space between the roller blade and the belt. In addition to making the vacuum smell like it’s on fire, that won’t help you clean any faster.

Wait to start cleaning until the clutter has been removed.

Problems with the Rollerblade

Among the essential features of a vacuum is the rollerblade. Dirt is pushed into the vacuum by this one. Therefore, if there is a problem, you will likely be aware of it. However, if you smell something burning, it’s probably time to replace the roller brush you’ve been using. It could be clogged with hair or a rug.


Pull the power plug from the wall and open the vacuum to check for problems. Fixing it may be necessary if there is an issue. A professional can show you if you need to learn how to use your vacuum.

Mechanical Difficulties with the Vehicle

This is the case if you’ve noticed a burning odor while using your vacuum. If it lasts too long, you can even start to see smoke. The motor will emit a burning odor if particles are stuck in the vacuum’s filters.

The vacuum bag may be excessively full, another probable cause. Clearing the filters and resetting the machine if the vacuum bag is full should fix the problem. If the motor is overheating, it may also emit a burning odor.

The vacuum’s motor may be overworking because the connection to the power socket is poor. Here, an electrician’s assistance is required for a proper inspection. Two possible causes are too much power from the wall outlet or a slight disconnect in the vacuum lines.

You should turn off the electricity before performing any of these checks.

 A Cigarette in Flames

Seeing smoke and a burning odour from your vacuum indicates that you may have a cigarette butt. If the cigarette butt is not properly snuffed out and enters the vacuum, it may produce a burning odour.

Though it seems improbable, your vacuum may be the source of the burning odour you’ve been experiencing.

The butts from your cigarettes should never be left lying around; always have a way to dispose of them safely. Refrain from tossing them to the floor and then pick them up with the vacuum. Just make sure the cigarette is out of its butt first.

Upkeep of Vacuum Systems in General

If you use a vacuum cleaner on a regular basis, taking it in for maintenance on a regular basis is really necessary. That’s preferable to waking up in a void that doesn’t work.

There is no difference between vacuums and any other type of electrical equipment. To guarantee their health, they require regular inspections. As part of routine upkeep, always make sure there is no debris in the way before beginning cleaning.

Verify that the bag is neither dirty nor empty. If you pay great attention to the vacuum, you should be able to spot any problems, such as clogging, right away. Check to see if you are able to move the vacuum around quickly if you are going to be using it. 

 Frequently Asked Questions

The most typical cause of a vacuum’s burning odour is what?

The burning odour almost always results from problems with the running belt. That’s why it needs to be one of your primary concerns.

Can a Fire Start in a Vacuum?

You’d have to start the fire on purpose for that to happen. Fires that start for no apparent reason in empty spaces are highly uncommon.

Is it hard to clean a vacuum belt?

Not at all. You’ll need a screwdriver to loosen the screws in the back so you can remove the cover and swap out the belt.


What we’ve discussed here could be the cause of a burning odour coming from your vacuum. Try implementing our suggestions, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly and easily you can solve the problem.

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