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FaceTime Screen Share Netflix Not Working–Fix it Now!

Have you ever wanted to watch a Netflix movie and faced the issue of FaceTime screen share Netflix not working? Don’t worry, because we have got you covered with this article.

With a shift in how people view online content, tech giants like Apple have developed their latest operating systems on their mobile devices. A new feature called “SharePlay” now allows viewers to watch Netflix on FaceTime with their friends. However, users of this new feature often complain that FaceTime screen share Netflix not working

Apple has redesigned the way a person views and enjoys movies on Netflix. This SharePlay feature allows viewers to share movies with friends on Netflix through FaceTime with their iPhone or iPad. Although the problem of FaceTime screen share Netflix not working may pop up anytime. Here is how to fix the problem of FaceTime screen share Netflix not working

FaceTime Screen Share Netflix Not Working

FaceTime Screen Share Netflix Not Working

Many viewers want to have a fun movie night with friends, but the problem of FaceTime screen sharing Netflix is not working. Many complain of screen freezing or going blank when they try to call someone on FaceTime. There are several reasons for FaceTime screen share Netflix not working:

  • If you save a contact name beside an emoji, FaceTime might be unable to work.
  • If your country does not support FaceTime SharePlay, you might get an error in the screen share of Netflix.
  • The problem of FaceTime screen share Netflix not working might also occur due to a poor internet connection.
  • Another reason a problem can occur in FaceTime SharePlay is the presence of a bug link that prevents screen sharing.

Can you watch Netflix on FaceTime?

Unfortunately, users cannot watch Netflix using FaceTime. The primary reason for this is that Netflix does not support the latest SharePlay feature, and you cannot watch Netflix on FaceTime by itself. However, there are undoubtedly other apps such as Hulu, HBO Max, Disney Plus, ESPN, and Paramount Plus that support streaming while FaceTime is in use. 

Let us learn about how you can watch Netflix via FaceTime and fix the problem of FaceTime screen share Netflix not working:

Ways to improve FaceTime screen share Netflix not working

Solution 1: Remove Emojis from FaceTime contact

One of the main reasons why FaceTime fails to screen share on Netflix is the presence of emojis on FaceTime contacts. To remove emojis, take a look at the following steps:

  • Open your contacts and search for the contacts that have an emoji with them
  • Tap the name of the contact and press “edit.”
  • Delete the emoji and choose “done” to save the changes
  • Here you will need to restart FaceTime and call the FaceTime contact again. 

Solution 2: Restart your iPhone device

To restart your iPhone 8 or later iOs version, follow these steps:

  • Press the Up Volume button of your iPhone and release it
  • Press the on/off power button and hold it until the logo of Apple appears
  • Your iPhone will restart and fix any issues of screen sharing 

Solution 3: Connect to a more robust WiFi

A strong internet connection can eliminate the problem of FaceTime screen share Netflix not working; all you need to do is go to WiFi settings on your iPhone and choose a more robust network.

How to Share Netflix on FaceTime?

Although you cannot watch Netflix directly from FaceTime, there are still some ways you can share Netflix using the FaceTime app. This feature, termed SharePlay, allows iPhone users to watch movies and listen to songs with their friends. As this SharePlay feature is connected directly to the FaceTime app, it can be used to stream movies easily.

Here is a look at the steps you can take to share Netflix on FaceTime with your friends:

  1. By sharing a Link:
  • iPhone users with iOs 15 or more need to open the FaceTime app with their phones first
  • Select the ‘create link’ option from the menu
  • Press the I button next to the link and select the share link from the given options.
  • Share this meeting link with your friends through your desired messaging app.
  1. By using the New FaceTime option
  • Select the persons you want to share the movie with by selecting the New FaceTime option
  • Select the FaceTime option to start sharing the screen
  • Once you are in the meeting, you can tap the “screen share” option from the top-right corner
  • Select Share My Screen from the window that appears
  • Go to Netflix and watch the movie you desire to watch with your friends. You need to select the SharePlay option to start streaming the movie. 


People who want to have a good time together and watch a movie on Netflix often complain of FaceTime screen share Netflix not working. The problem is that Netflix does not stream directly through FaceTime, but thanks to the latest feature of SharePlay, viewers can share Netflix’s screen with their friends and family without any worries. This means movie enthusiasts can easily have fun movie hangouts with their friends through their iPhones without an extensive app overhaul. 

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