Find the Cheap Monitor for PS4

Cheap Monitor for PS4

Choosing a gaming monitor for gaming consoles like Play Station 4 is totally different than choosing a regular monitor and just forget to use TV as your primary viewing device for gaming. Compared with TVs, monitors are cheaper, highly-equipped and take less space. Plus, some high-end monitors have lower input lag and offer better motion performance leaving TVs far behind. 

If you’re a competitive gamer and looking for a cheap monitor for PS4 then this article has some of great options for you. Cheaper gaming monitors do suffer from certain features but we were able to pick only high-performance cheap monitors for PS4 to help you pick the right option for your gaming needs.

Before diving deep, you should know what are the ideal specifications of a monitor that’s suitable for PS4. If a monitor has a 60Hz refresh rate that’s enough for PS4 because a higher refresh rate won’t be of any use for the PS4. One thing you should concentrate more on is the higher resolution, bigger screen size or ultrawide/curved screen, and additional features that can be handy for a cheaper monitor for PS4.

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Cheap Monitor for PS4

Now that you know what type of cheap monitor for PS4 would be ideal for you. Let’s explore all the top budget monitors for PS4 we have listed for you.

ASUS VG245H – Cheapest gaming monitor for gaming consoles

Easily the ASUS VG245H is our cheapest monitor for gaming on console and it delivers superior gaming performance with 1m response time and 75Hz invigorates rate which u can also overclock.

The best part of this cheap monitor for ps4 is the support of AMD Freesync that ensures there is no screen tearing which is usually caused by the fluctuations between the refresh rates and the frame rates. So, there will be no uneven frame rates to restrict your visuals or gameplay.

The GamePhus hotkey, which is only supported by ASUS comes with an option to send automatic updates to make make your gaming sessions fruitful.

On top of that, the monitor supports GameVisual innovation that ensures you get enhanced visuals, thanks to the six preset show models available.

Furthermore, the monitor boasts sans flicker innovation shields to protect your eyes from external distractions, thanks to the unique backdrop illumination alteration framework. Plus, the monitor supports four blue light settings for choosing the ideal one for your comfort level.

You can enjoy smooth gaming with this extraordinary monitor for gaming screens for PS4 and Xbox One.

This best cheap monitor for ps4 comes with a 24-inch IPS panel that gives you wider viewing angles which gives no loss of image accuracy and also is great for sharing content and playing co-op games.

The panel supports a 75Hz refresh rate that makes gaming smooth and responsive and you can overclock it to further get super smooth motion with little to no motion blur.

Furthermore, 1ms is an outstanding response time that eliminates ghosting that makes gaming smooth for playing console games on PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

This is an anti-glare display that efficiently handles reflections and allows you to work in most lighting conditions. Plus, the low contrast ratio makes it less ideal for dark rooms or low-lit environments.

The best part of this monitor is No flickering in the backlight that means no motion duplication and no eye strain. It does support HDR and can display a wide color gamut to deliver crispy and clear visuals for PS4 games.

Furthermore, the FreeSync and adaptive sync support allow the monitor to maintain the refresh rate with the frame rates of the GPU to make sure there is no screen tearing while enjoying games on Playstation 4.

Competitive PlayStation 4 games like Apex legends, Rocket league, and COD require a medium-level monitors with a great refresh rate not higher and now lower but somewhere in the middle to support charming and crisp pixels and resolutions of the PS4.

Acer H277H 27-inch 

The next great budget monitor for ps4 is Acer H277H 27-inch monitor that comes with a handful of specifications to support competitive niche gamers. This monitor has enough resources to support PS4 gaming on at a smaller budget without spending a dime on costly gaming monitors.

This inexpensive monitor for PS4 features a 27-inch display with 1080p resolution and the bigger screen size with lower resolution can result in lower pixel density but you won’t feel stretched or dead pixels because it maintains the display uniformly across all the sides of the display to deliver strong sharpness with great color and quality of pictures.

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The monitor features an IPS panel which means you can enjoy wider viewing angles for PS4 games as well lifelike colors with realistic graphics produced by the console. The screen is good for gaming and other media diversion needs and delivers s stunning visuals and clarity for all types of content.

The panel supports a 60Hz refresh rate that’s more than enough for PS4 to deliver a smooth gaming experience for hardcore or competitive multiplayer FPS, or racing games.

Furthermore, the display offers a handful of ergonomic options like tilt, swivel, and rotate which is a great option in this budget range.

Other than that, the monitor comes with a handful of connectivity options like HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort, and a headphone jack to connect the headphone for audio output.

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The OSD (on-screen display) menu can help you perform different settings with the monitor.

Overall, this is the best budget 27-inch monitor for ps4 and a great alternative to larger TVs. Plus, the stand is super compact that makes it a good option for placing on the desk or in a dorm room or small space. But, without breaking your bank, this monitor can help you enjoy a true gaming experience for PS4.

AOC i2367Fh

The AOC i2367Fh is one of the great affordable gaming monitors for PS4 and other console gaming and it features an IPS panel to give you prevalent shading execution from all edges at the same time. You can enjoy wider 178 degrees of viewing angles for sharing content and for co-op games.

The monitor comes with unique complexity promotion of contrast ratio and has deep darks to highlight darker territories of the games for PS4 giving you superior gaming background.

Plus, the frameless design with thinner bezels makes the monitor borderless and the console games on the infinity display become immersive and enjoyable.

The FHD resolution with a 23-inch screen size gives higher pixel density but as you know IPS panels don’t have ultra-fast response times, so this panel with 5ms can give you slight motion blur for playing fast-paced games but that will be unnoticeable.

Other than that, the monitor supports an anti-glare coating to handle reflections and allows you to use the monitor with higher or lower brightness either sitting in a well-lit or low-lit environment.

The monitor has two. HDMI ports and a VGA port but the overall consumption of the power is much less.

Overall, the AOC i2367Fh is an excellent gaming monitor that should please most ps4 gamers. It has the specifications making it a top affordable gaming monitor for PS4. 

Sceptre C305B-200UN

The next cheapest monitor for PS4 on our list is Sceptre C305B-200UN and this one is the best monitor that you can use for not only PS4 but for other types of gaming consoles as well as for PC gaming.

Thanks to the 200Hz refresh rate, this monitor can give you the smoothest possible gaming experience with this highest refresh rate and this much refresh rate makes it versatile for other users as well.

The best part is that this is a 30inch curved monitor for PS4 and features an IPS panel to deliver the most comfortable viewing experience for PS4 games.

The monitor with a wide and curved screen doesn’t give you stretched pixels and there are also no dead pixels. Plus, the 30-inch screen size with 2k resolution is just more than perfect for giving you crystal clear views for PS4 games making it the best monitor for ps4 in the budget category.

The best part is that the bigger curved screen allows you to open two separate Chrome tabs side by side making it a great multitasking display for professional activities like video editing or image editing as well as playing games like CSD games, FPS games, or third person games.

Other than that, the monitor supports 5ms gray to a gray response time that can give you slight ghosting for fast-paced games but that’s rare and only possible if you’re involved in competitive or hardcore gaming. For casual games of PS4, you won’t feel that much.

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The monitor also supports AMD Freesync and G-Sync to prevent screen tearing which usually occurs due to the fluctuations between the response time and the frame rates of the GPU.

Further, the monitor allows you to get an enhanced gaming experience with the display settings like FPS and RTS ( real-time strategy) games.

The best part of this monitor is the blue-light filter that protects your eyes from fatigue and prevents eye strain for intense gaming sessions for longer durations.

Overall, this is a decent monitor for PS4 pro or 1080p options and the specifications make it the suitable monitor for PS4 and Xbox and PC gaming that’s a worthwhile investment. And, the best-curved gaming monitor for PS4 Pro and Xbox gaming console. If you are serious about making your gaming better then this is the right cheaper curved monitor for ps4.


The next best option for you is the ASUS VG278QR which is a heavy gaming monitor for PS4 in budget price that supports a 144Hz refresh rate to deliver smooth gaming frames and 1ms GtG response time that eliminates motion blur to a significant level and ensures you enjoy the smoothest and responsive gameplay for PlayStation.

The monitor comes with a 27-inch IPS panel and supports 1080p resolution and the overall image quality and brightness are superb for gaming and entertainment purposes. Plus, the HDR support ensures you get the trust gaming experience and the FreeSYnc further takes it to next level by syncing the refresh rate of the monitor with the frame rates of the GPU to give you solid gameplay without tearing.

IPS panels are known for wider viewing angles but you can also get a monitor with a VA panel because they also have a good contrast ratio and can play much deeper blacks than IPS and they support ultra-low response time like TN panels as well. But, IPS still is preferable for getting exceptional picture quality with rich colors and the sharpest picture quality.

So, if you demand superior clarity with crystal clear visuals then this is the monitor for playing your favorite PS4 games to enjoy a high-definition viewing experience.

There is an excellent gaming monitor with a 360Hz refresh rate available on the market but you’re not going to use them at their potential with PS4 console. If you have a powerful PC and are playing competitive AAA demanding games like Fortnite, COD, or PUBG, then you should go with the highest refresh rate to get smooth gameplay and prevent graphical glitches.

If you want to play PS4 games seamlessly then make sure to get your hands on a monitor that has no heavy backlight bleeds and no local dimming so that you can get improved backlit level across the entire display. And, for games with darker scenes, the black frame insertion feature will be a must to visible the darker objects in black scenes.

Other than that, the monitor comes with a plethora of connectivity options and has no dead pixels and graphical glitches that means you would be able to enjoy discrete graphics produced by the PS4 GPU.

The monitor comes with a sturdy build and amazing specifications making it a top gaming monitor for PS4.

All in all, this is a cheap 27-inch monitor for ps4 currently available at a lower price tag and the best budget gaming monitor for PS4 gaming setups regarding specifications. It has a great refresh rate, a bigger screen size, and the lowest price tag of all the monitors making it the best budget gaming monitor for PS4 Pro.


The next top monitor on our list is AOC G2590PX, which is the Best Cheap Gaming Monitor for Dark Rooms and it ensures responsiveness and smoothness for the gameplay of PS4 or PC.

It supports a 144Hz refresh rate and produces smooth visuals with the combination of 1ms response time that makes it the best monitor for ps4 and PS4 pro gaming.

Regarding resolution, the AOC G2590PX offers 1080p resolution and that’s a good thing for a budget PS4 monitor as you won’t be spending a dime or huge money on the monitor while getting responsive and smooth gameplay. But, there are cheap 4k monitors for PS4 available as well but they are still on the expense side due to their premium specifications.

Now, the shortcoming with this monitor is that it comes with TN (Twisted Nematic) panel which offers narrow viewing angles but is popular for giving a 1ms response time that delivers a smoother gaming experience for fast-paced games. The color reproduction of TN panels is not that great but not that bad as well.

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The FreeSync support helps you synchronize the refresh rate of the monitor with the frame rates of the GPU so that it can prevent screen tearing to give you the clearest and responsive gameplay without any input lag.

This particular unit comes with USB 3.0 ports, built-in speakers, and RGB bias lighting on the back of the monitor. There is software included for the customization of the lights as well. Regarding ergonomics, the monitor allows you to Adjust, height, pivot, and tilt, thanks to the solid stand that supports the sturdy build of the lightweight monitor. The best part is that it can rotate in portrait mode. The VESA mount option allows you to keep your monitor either on the table or on the wall to sit in comfortable situations while busy in intense and long gaming sessions online on the PS4.

Overall, this is a cheap ultrawide monitor for PS4 and the long horizontal display gives you plenty of screen real-ester for working and gaming as well. Plus, it is a powerful gaming monitor for PS4 that supports HDR to give you real gaming experience with vibrant and highlighted colors. Plus, it has a peak brightness of 400 nits that means you will be able to Cleary see everything during the gameplay.


Acer Nitro VG240Y

The Acer Nitro VG240Y is our next affordable laptop for PS4 that comes with 1080p resolution and supports the lowest response time to give you outstanding gameplay for PS4 and other gaming consoles.

The Acer Nitro VG240Y is a good cheap monitor for PS4 that has a various adjustments of brightness, contrast levels, and temperature according to your gaming setup, thanks to the IPS display that’s powerful regarding color reproduction.

You can enjoy great picture quality without breaking your bank or putting a dent on your wallet but it does give a slight backlight bleed from the sides or bezels. But luckily, it is equipped with backlight strobing technology to keep that in control so that you won’t even notice the backlight bleed.

Moving on, the Acer Nitro VG240Y is a perfect gaming monitor in the budget price for PS4 because it is one of the heavy gaming monitors that have all the bells and whistles that make it an ideal monitor for Playstation 4.

It also supports adaptive sync to prevent vertical tearing and that’s what you can enjoy your gaming experience with while involved in superior gaming sessions on PS4.

The Acer Nitro VG240Y is a solid monitor with internal speakers which provide great sound quality and it has all the perks that you can demand from a decent monitor for PS4 and PS5 as well.

All in all, this is the best cheap monitor for PS4 that we recommend on our list is and it has great features to support PS4 intense gaming sessions for a longer duration without affecting your eyes.

There are top displays and gaming screens being used for PS games to make the gaming setups console-focused. Although the maximum fps for Console games is 60fps and that’s why you won’t have to go after incredible fast frame rates per second but PS5 games are getting bigger with the refresh rate side.

Ghost of Tsushima, Spider-Man, God of War, and GTA 5 is one of the popular PS4 games that you can play on all of these monitors selected for you in this list.

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