First Alert Carbon Monoxide Alarm Beeps 5 Times

Are you also the one confused about why your first alert Carbon Monoxide Alarm beeps 5 times?

It’s extremely important to make sure that it’s chirping 5 times because if it is something else like 3 beeps or 4 beeps, the treatment will be different.

Sometimes, the detector goes off at midnight and when you suddenly wake up from sleep, you are not sure how many beeps you heard or worse, how to stop it.

Depending on the sirens or beepings, you will take actions like if the detector went off and stopped it could be a false alarm as well.

When a first alert carbon monoxide alarm beeps 5 times, it means the detector has become outdated or it has expired. The life span of a first alert detector is about 7 years and after that, you should change the detector because the sensor malfunctioned after this time, and not changing the detector can put your life at risk.

So, it’s a life and death situation to change your detector because having a working CO detector in your home protects you against the harmful and dangerous Carbon Monoxide gas that can come out of coal, charcoal, appliances, circuits, and fire.

Having a working carbon monoxide detector can detect the early stages of the fire and can alarm you so that you can call the emergency responders, take your family outside of the house, and open the doors and windows of your premises.

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Not having a working detector can expose you to the dangerous levels of this harmful gas that can cause death because the CO stops oxygen going in your body and lack of oxygen means no breath and which leads to death.

Therefore, you should understand when the detector is trying to communicate with you through beeping and the chirps should be noticed before it’s too late.

Even if you do not have gas appliances in your home, the detector does go off and there are multiple reasons are discussed earlier.

First Alert Carbon Monoxide Alarm Beeps 5 Times

First Alert Carbon Monoxide Alarm Beeps 5 Times

The First Alert Carbon Monoxide Alarm beeps 5 times when the life of the detector is about to end and it’s worth it to replace the sensor with a new budget detector.

As I discussed earlier, you need to pay close attention to the number of times the first alert carbon monoxide detector beeps.

The 3 beeps are taken as the replacement for the low or dead battery and similarly, the four beeps are considered as there is CO exposure around and it could be due to fire or anything and you can take action accordingly.

Similarly, five beeps of the First Alert Carbon Monoxide Alarm mean a different thing which is replacing the entire detector.

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It doesn’t matter if it’s the hardwired detector or the battery-powered detector, you have to replace it for your and the safety of your family.

Unlike 3 beeps and 4 beeps, the 5 beeps are not caused due to false alarms

The 5 beeps are not confusing and pretty clear about the indication, unlike the 3 beeps or 4 beeps where it’s a change that the alarm could be false like coming off due to the steam of the bathroom, cooking heat inside the home, dust causing the tripping, insect triggering it, or sudden change in the temperature.

Similarly, the interconnected detectors with the outdated detector will also go off but you can detect which detector initiated the beeping by visiting each detector one by one.

The detector which initiated the beeping would not be blinking while others will be blinking and that’s how you can figure out the right detector if you have installed multiple detectors in your home.

By the way, you should install multiple detectors inside your home and make sure to install them in living areas like bedrooms, stairs, basements, or above floors and never install them near a kitchen, bathroom, or garage because you will most probably get a false alarm from these places from the reasons discussed above.

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So, I hope you have a clear idea that when a detector completes its life span, the sensor or any part inside the detector can malfunction anytime, and not paying attention to this matter can make you and your family vulnerable to exposure to Carbon Monoxide.

In the end, I would say that be wise when your First Alert Smoke Detector beeps 5 times and purchase the new one immediately and get it replaced so that you can sleep with the comfort that you are safe.

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