Freezer Unplugged for 1 Year

Are you planning a holiday or shifting to another place for a year or so? What will you do with a freezer unplugged for 1 year? We have worthier solutions for you – explore!

You might have heard that unplugging a fridge or other electronic appliances can affect their quality for a long time; let me tell you, you have heard right. When you turn off the electronic devices and do not focus on deep cleaning, they start giving a foul smell that remains for a long time. Even when you turn them on, the stinky scent does not go off, no matter what hack you apply.

So, you need to take some preventive measures before you plan your Freezer Unplugged for 1 Year. You need to turn it off, connect all its wires, thoroughly clean it with a mild detergent and soft cloth, keep it in an appropriate place, and cover it adequately. These hacks will keep it stink-free and safe when you return from your official or personal venture. 

Go ahead and explore further details to avoid missing any beat.

Freezer Unplugged for 1 Year

Freezer Unplugged for 1 Year: What To Do?

So, as discussed, you may need to unplug your fridge for one year or above but doing so is not simple. It is not all to take the switch out of the switchboard, and that is all!

If you don’t want to ruin this heavy investment, you need to do a thorough cleaning, and to do so, drain all the water inside and leave the door open for hours. 

After confirming that it dries completely, cover it and store it carefully in the ventilated area. There are high chances that rats will chew wires, so better to keep mouse traps near the fridge. 

When you follow all these tips, we are sure nothing will happen to it after you plug it in again after a year. 

Freezer Unplugged for 1 Year: Tips To Keep It Safe

Mostly nothing will happen to furniture if you cover them properly and shut off all the windows and doors of the home. Does the same rule apply to your Freezer and fridge? If the Freezer is unplugged for one year without any planning? Can you use it again? 

No, you need to do long-term planning before unplugging your fridge for one year.

Below you can find some worthier precautions that will help you to keep the unplugged Freezer in accurate condition even when it is off and closed for one year.

  • Defrost The Freezer First

Set a defrost timer or if the model does not have a built-in timer, try to clean the freezer manually. Ensure to unplug it from the wall switch and never touch the wire with wet hands; it is very dangerous as it has an electrical current. 

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After the ice melts, take a dry cloth and wipe out all water from inside. Make sure to wipe all water properly. After making sure there is no water, leave the door open for some hours and let it dry completely. After 5 to 6 hours, check whether it dries out completely. If yes, it is all set for storage. 


  • Make Sure it is Not Smelly

Before closing the doors, make sure it does not leave an unpleasant smell because sometimes the food stains get stuck with the ice and leave a smell. To eliminate this smell, place a baking soda in a box and put it inside for some time. It is the best hack to clean the fridge and Freezer from bad odours. 


  • Store The Upright Freezer in The Same Position

The market has many different sizes of freezers, and all need different positions for storage. So, if the freezer is upright, you must store it in the same position. It is very necessary, so you must be cautious while storing it. 


  • Be Careful If Storing It in Another Room

For example, your freezer is placed in the kitchen, and you want to unplug it and shift it to another room for a year. Then be very careful because it is a heavy appliance and needs little effort during transportation. We recommend getting help from friends and shifting it with proper care so the door and outer parts won’t get damaged. 


  • Cover It Properly

While planning to leave home for a year, one has to think about appliances too. So while unplugging the freezer for one year, it is better to store it in the proper home area where air can pass a little. Don’t just leave it in the room after cleaning; you must also cover it with something and ensure dust will not enter inside. 

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  • Take Care of Wires

You cannot escape from rats; this creation is everywhere in trains, airplanes, and even homes. So there is a high chance that they may come inside the empty house and damage the property. 

You can minimize the chance of rats coming in if the floors and windows are properly sealed, and there is no gap under the doors. As you know, precaution is always better, so we suggest leaving poison or mouse traps near where you store the freezer and other appliances so the rats will not chew the wires. 

How To Prepare A Freezer Again For Use After Storing It For A Year?

Are you ready to run appliances again after a break? Yes, but be careful and keep patience, don’t just take the wire and plug them into the wall switch. Appliances are electronic items and need a proper method to plug in or out, especially if they sit idle for a long time. 

Before starting to use the freezer again, inspect it thoroughly to ensure no damage happens to it. If unfortunately, you left water inside before storing, you will surely find rust. Otherwise, we hope everything will be fine. 

Now check all wires, and make sure they are in proper condition. If there is any damage due to any reason, go and make a call to the technician. 

One has to clean the coils using a vacuum and remove dust from the side walls and door with a soft wet cloth soaked in soapy water. Don’t try to use chemical detergent as it will leave scratches and damage the surface. To get rid of bad odour, put a box of baking soda inside as it will catch the smell and make the freezer fresh and pleasant.  

If users are lucky enough and found no damage, congratulations, the freezer is all set to start working again. After cleaning, let it dry for hours and plug it into the wall outlet. 

Now run it for many hours until it reaches the maximum temperature and achieves enough cooling. Now store food and enjoy. 

Is It Acceptable To Put Food In The Freezer Straight Away?  

No, storing the food after just plugging it in the socket is not recommended. Firstly you have to plug it in and wait for a maximum of four hours so that it receives enough cooling, which is considered ideal for storing food. A stand-alone freezer also needs four hours to cool down and be ready to keep your food fresh for days. 

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The Bottom Line

If you plan to turn off your fridge for one year – don’t do it roughly but develop an appropriate plan and then turn it off to increase its serving life. 

If you clean it out, keep it in a safe place, and cover it adequately, its life span will increase; moreover, it will retain its quality even when you turn it on after one year. 

Go through the above article, find the hacks, do follow them before leaving for the trip; it will save you from giant hassles.

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