Fridge Compressor Running Continuously

Are you upset because your Fridge Compressor Running Continuously? Instead of getting upset, dig out this blog post and find the solution to this pesky issue. Jump ahead!

Fridges have different parts that work together to help you get chilled water, cool food, and frozen items. The compressor is one of the most important parts as it plays many crucial roles but doesn’t design a way to run continuously. It needs rest, too, so it can perform well on duty, so compressors typically work 80 to 90% of the time.

However, if you find a fridge compressor running continuously, in that case, it means your compressor is having an error and needs to be fixed immediately, so it may not add on to turn into a monster.

This issue arises when the coil gets wrapped into dirt and dust and doesn’t cool properly. So, the first step you can take is to clean your coil; that is not something tricky. It is better to clean the coil twice a year; it will save you trouble.

This article has blindfolded some additional hacks to fix the compressor issues; read the article to reveal those tops and hacks. 

Here you go!

Fridge Compressor Running Continuously

Why is Fridge Compressor Running Continuously?

You all know how important a refrigerator is for homes because we do not discard leftover food somewhere every time. That is why fridges are used worldwide to store food items and keep them fresh for some days. One can adjust the temperature from the thermostat to make the fridge ready for storing food. 

Every fridge runs in cycles, but sometimes you notice that the fridge compressor runs continuously and creates noise. It is an alarming signal that needs your attention immediately. 

Compressors will run persistently due to dirty condenser coils, when there is insufficient cooling, or when there are inaccurate thermostat settings. Due to all these factors, the compressor runs continuously and tries to balance the inner temperature. 

Fridge Compressor Running Continuously: Why And How To Overcome This Issue?

It is not a good sign if the refrigerator compressor runs all day. But unfortunately, if it occurs, look for some things and try to resolve the issue without wasting any more time. 

  • High Temperature of Fridge and Freezer

For cooling the refrigerator properly, individuals have to set the thermostat temperature to a specific limit of 0 degrees F for the freezer and below 40 degrees F for the fridge. The ideal temperature for a fridge is 35 to 38 degrees F. 

But if the thermostat is set at high degrees, the compressor will work hard to maintain the internal temperature. If the fridge temperature is fine but the freezer’s temperature is high, there is a possibility that fridge cooling also gets affected, and it will run continuously. 

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To know how much temperature your fridge and freezer need, read the user manual thoroughly and set it accordingly. It is so easy to adjust the temperature, push the button or use temperature dials; it depends on the model of the fridge and brand. 

  • Defect in Defrost Thermostat May Be The Culprit 

The frost gatherers inside the walls of the fridge and refrigerator can be defrosted via defrost timer. Defrost thermostat is essential because it will not let the frost gather in large numbers and block the passage of air. It also monitors the evaporator coil’s temperature and allows the defrost heater to melt the ice when the coils become cool. 

But if there is any defect in the thermostat, frost will gather, and the coils will get too cold. Due to this, the refrigerators run for a longer time. You can easily replace the defrost thermostat if the fault is not repairable. 

  • Dirt Gathers on the Condenser Coils 

Sometimes, when the dirt and debris gather on the condenser coils and block the way of heat, the cooling effects and fridge compressor run continuously. 

When the refrigerant passes through the coils, heat releases and generates cool air. But due to the dirty coils, the refrigerator gets warmer from the inside and puts pressure on the compressor. You can comfortably clean the coils, and better to check them every month, so they will help the fridge to function fully. 

Unplug the fridge from the wall socket, and look for condenser coils at the bottom or back of the fridge. Take an appliance brush and gently remove all debris and dirt. After cleaning again, attach them and plug them into the fridge. Hope it will work and the compressor running time comes back to normal.

Signs of Faulty Compressor

If you have noticed anything mentioned below, it means there is a serious issue with the compressor, and you have to spend money on its replacement. 

  • Overheated Motor

If you are feeling excessive heat in the kitchen or a room where the fridge is placed, rush towards the refrigerator and check the compressor. To make sure the issue lies in the compressor, put the hand near the coil and feel whether it releases more heat or not. But be very careful and never try to touch the coils when the fridge is plugged in. 

If you feel that the coils have high temperatures, the motor is overheated and needs a thorough inspection. In most cases, the fault is big, costing you more in terms of replacement.

  • Food Spoiled Quickly

When you notice that food gets spoiled quickly and drinks and water bottles take more time to cool, it is a clear sign of an issue in the refrigerator. If the fridge and freezer take longer to reach the set temperature, the compressor is not working properly and needs a thorough check. In this situation, not only will the food get spoiled, but the electricity bill will also increase, which are the worst scenarios. 

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Therefore, if you have seen any big issue, don’t be lazy; immediately contact the repair shop and ask for a technician’s help. 

  • Unbearable Vibration and Noise

When the refrigerator functions properly, it creates noise because the compressor runs on cycles, and the internal temperature is up to the mark. But sometimes, when the noise is too much, and the fridge compressor runs continuously, the noise becomes unbearable, which is a sign that it needs attention. 

Most of the time, noise can also occur due to loose connections or unbalanced fridge placement, but this is not always the case. If, after checking the connections and balance, the noise remains there, surely there is something wrong with the compressor. In that case, go to the repair shop and resolve the issue on time. 

Maintenance is Necessary For the Refrigerator To Function Fully 

If people do maintenance of the heavy-priced appliance, you will not face the fridge compressor running continuously again. Not only this, but many other issues may also arise if the users use the refrigerator without care. Read the points below and keep your investment safe for a longer time. 

Let’s get started! 

  • The first and foremost task for users is thoroughly inspecting the door gaskets. It will ensure that they are not worn out and that the cool air is safely stuck inside, and it helps food stay fresh. That is why checking the door twice after closing is suggested so that cool air does not get wasted. 
  • Next, you have to properly clean the condenser coils once a month so that the liquid and refrigerant gasses flow smoothly and the refrigeration cycle performs its duties at its best. 
  • Every refrigerator has a thermostat by which you can set the temperature of the freezer and fridge. Keep an eye on the thermostat and always set the temperature as told to you by the brand. It is also mentioned in the user manual so that one can know the exact temperature from there. 
  • Don’t overstuff, and also do not leave the fridge empty. In the case of overs stuffing, the air passage gets locked and does not receive enough cool air in front of the walls. Contrary to this, an empty fridge only adds to the electricity bill. So always choose the right size fridge and save money. 
  • Experts suggest not to store the hot items inside because after doing this, the compressor will work hard to make them cool, which is not suitable for the compressor and internal components.
  • Set the defrost timer and if your model does not have this, gently remove the excess ice from the freezer because more puts extra pressure on the fridge. 
  • Keep the fridge clean from both inside and outside after some days because the internal and external components collectively make it a precious and valuable appliance. 
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Final Words

If you are ever dragged into a problem where your Fridge Compressor is Running Continuously, don’t worry; just follow the steps mentioned above as a solution and come out from this problem. 

We are sure it will take no time, and your compressor will start working normally, but you can contact a contractor if the problem persists. It will save you from hassles!

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