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Fuel Stabilizer For Generator: Why It Is Necessary 

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Do you wonder what is the need of Fuel Stabilizer For Generator? Here I have started the reasons; you can crack them to enhance your understanding.

Fuel stabilizer is important for generators; do you know why? Let me tell you, the fuel stabilizer allows you to store your generator in the fuel tank. Yes, before storing your gas generator into the fuel tank, you are supposed to mix the fuel stabilizer first. If in any case you forget to add fuel stabilizer, your generator will not start when you will use it because the gas can degrade the carburetor by gumming it. Fuel stabilizers stop the fuel from gumming up and increase the service life of the generator. Therefore, we suggest you manually drain your carburetor that will increase the storage capabilities of the generator.

You can read ahead to explore more about fuel stabilizers for generators. 

Fuel Stabilizer For Generator: What Is It?

We are humans, and being well prepared for future events is generally a great idea. A generator is also a machine that helps people in tough times such as hurricanes hitting hard to yoru area, sudden power outages, unfortunate electric faults in your home or more. Sometimes you are lucky enough to face no hurricanes or power outages for months, but the generator has a full fuel tank. Is it good to leave it with a full tank idle? We think no, in this situation fuel stabilizer for generators will be highly beneficial. No worries if you have not tried it before. 

To keep your heavy-priced investment, such as a generator safe for a long time, add a fuel stabilizer in the fuel tank before storing it in a safe place. After all, fuel prices have gone high, and no one wants to waste them. 

If you store the generator without mixing fuel stabilizers, you will probably face the consequences. There are high chances that the generator won’t start next time because the gas in it gummed up and caused the damage. To avoid this situation fuel stabilizer is highly recommended as it will keep the carburetor safe from gumming up. Surprisingly it also enhances the generator’s life. If you plan to store the generator for a longer time, experts suggest that you drain the carburetor. 

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How To Add The Fuel Stabilizer: Let’s Find Out

It is very important to pour the right quantity of fuel stabilizers into your generator’s fuel tank. The suggested ratio for many stabilizers is around 1 ounce in approximately 2.5-litre gallon, but it would be better if you read the correct quantity in the stabilizer’s bottle. After this, turn the engine on and allow it to run for 5 to 10 minutes. Doing so will cycle the fuel through the carburetor and engine. When the engine runs for 10 minutes, it is time to shut off the generator. 

That is all; your generator is all set for storage. It is good to clean the carburetor or replace it to run the engine properly. 

Fuel Stabilizer:How It Works?

It is a petroleum-based supplement which is used greatly to enhance the gasoline life and make it store for a longer time. Fue stabilizers develop a layer that keeps the moisture, gas or water from oxidizing gasoline when mixed with the gas. It is best to keep the fuel fresh and use it again. 

It has chemicals that prevent oxidation, offset water for separating the fuel, and keep the engine and tank safe from getting crumbled. People use it because it is also effective for cleaning the fuel system and carburetor by protecting them from rust and gumming. 

A good quality fuel stabilizer is beneficial for almost all kinds of gasoline, for example, mixed gas, gasoline having ethanol or without ethanol. After pouring it into the tank, it mixes with the fuel and circulates through the tank when turning on the engine for some time. 

It will be more effective when mixing with fresh gasoline, so avoid using it with bad gasoline that sits in the tank for so long. 

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Is Using Excessive Fuel Stabilizer Bad For Generators? 

When you use the fuel stabilizer in excess quantity, this is not bad for the generator’s life, but it turns bad when the ratio reaches an abnormal level such as 1:1. Remember, adding too much to the fuel tank is not advantageous either. 

Many brands mention the quantity in the bottles. It is about how much to add per gallon diesel or gasoline tank. Renowned brands such as STA-BIL suggest using at least 1 ounce in a 2.5-litre tank of gasoline. On the other hand, another brand of seafoam suggests 1 ounce per gallon. 

Although more quantity does not hurt the engine, if you add more, it is only a loss of money. To avoid future loss, always read the manual thoroughly and add the correct amount of fuel stabilizer. Fuel stabilizer protects the engine and fuel, and you know how expensive it is nowadays. So, you have to always take care of this before storing the generator with a full fuel tank for a long time. 

How Long Does Gasoline Stay Fresh With a Fuel Stabilizer? 

Remember there is a difference between fresh gasoline and which stays long in the generator means bad gasoline. When you add a fuel stabilizer to the fresh gasoline, it is highly effective to keep the fuel fresh for almost 1 to 2 years. Contrary to this, adding in bad gasoline will be less effective. 

Nowadays, with technological advancement and the introduction of new products, it is not a dream to keep the fuel fresh for a long time before storing the generator. Just spend some bucks and buy a good quality fuel stabilizer, add it to the fuel and store the generator in the proper storing place. It will work next time when you turn on the generator. Surprisingly, it will help to keep the fuel new for some time. Repeating, always try to add it in fresh gasoline. 

What Is The Right Time To Add Fuel Stabilizer In The Fuel Tank? 

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Normally, it is used by people whose generator sits idle for a long time or for those who plan to store the machine for a whole season. Mixing it with the fuel will help start the generator immediately without any hurdle and is also great for avoiding fuel-related problems. 

Fuel stabilizer is not for generators used by people camping once a week. They are for those whose generator is used only once a month. 

Already used generators don’t use this because it burns the gasoline and allows you to add more fuel. Hence, the fuel will not degrade or gum up. 

A fuel stabilizer is the only method to keep that generator that sits idle for months in running position next time when you start it. 

The Bottom Line

If you have a generator and want to transport it, increase its storage, and service life, you must have a fuel stabilizer. As the name indicates, it helps to stabilize the fuel of your generator. Here we have covered the details that will explain more about fuel stabilizers, you can read it to enhance your understanding.

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