Funimation AirPlay Not Working

Funimation is a streaming service that is very popular among anime fans and it’s wider community. Therefore, the service must run free from issues so one can watch all their favorite episodes of anime on a big screen. But what about when Funimation AirPlay is not working?

Users of Funimation are greatly disappointed and have recently reported that the service is exhibiting AirPlay-related problems, causing streaming not to work on Apple TV. Though it is quite unfortunate for one to suffer with such a matter, you, yourself, and at home can fix these temporary obstacles. 

Thus, in this article, we will suggest some workarounds for you to use to troubleshoot Funimation AirPlay not working. 

Funimation AirPlay Not Working

There are several and varying reasons constituting and resulting in Funimation AirPlay not working. The Apple device and the receiver for AirPlay are kept far apart from each other because of which neither of them can register the other.Funimation AirPlay Not Working

Similarly, the Funimation server might be running down, or the app you are using for the streaming service or the device on which it is opened is outdated. An unstable internet connection or an enabled connection VPN are prominent hindrances to Funimation AirPlay not working. 

Moreover, if there is a firewall on your MacBook, or you are attempting to AirPlay from an incompatible device, then the outcome will be for AirPlay to be problematic. Last but not least, corrupted cache, unknown glitches, and bugs on the app and the device can also cause Funimation AirPlay not to work. 

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Troubleshooting AirPlay On Funimation: 

Internet Connectivity: 

Essentially, Funimation is a video streaming service that requires good and strong internet connectivity to run shows and videos smoothly. If not, then any content that is being streamed will not load and display a loading or black screen because of the internet’s low speed. 

For a seamless AirPlay experience and functionality, both your devices should be connected to a Wi-Fi network 2.4GHz, which is sufficient for Funimation. Check with your internet bandwidth and provider to see whether the range of internet is limited between 10-50 GB and immediately update. 

Restarting Internet Router: 

Supposedly, if the internet router is unstable, remove all the other connected devices to the modem and let only the TV be connected to the internet. With this measure, and after resetting the Wi-Fi network settings of the TV, try connecting Funimation through AirPlay. 

If you fail again because the internet strength did not increase, restart the wifi, hoping for a fixed connection as a solution to Funimation AirPlay not working. 

Checking The Status Of Server: 

There are millions of worldwide users of Funimation accessing the streaming service regularly. So it is no surprise to encounter Funimation not working, considering that the numerous users have put an unbearable load on the service. 

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Sometimes, the service cannot keep up with the demand that might be running low; hence, check for the status of Funimation’s server. If it is down, you cannot stream it to the TV through AirPlay.  

Clearing Of Cache: 

Even though the Funimation app has been designed to clear the cache from time to time automatically, some instances may stand as an exception, corrupting the app and causing Funimation AirPlay not to work. 

To resolve the issue, you must manually clear the cache on your Apple TV. There is no official method to clear the cache, but simply restart the TV for the cache to clear up. 

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It is a well-known and recognized fact that AirPlay only works on those devices that are compatible with it, meaning they have built-in support for AirPlay. This support is typical for all Apple devices, but when connecting to a Smart TV, check beforehand to evaluate whether the device is AirPlay compatible. 

In the scenario where AirPlay is compatible, there is no need to troubleshoot, and in fact, AirPlay compatibility was not the reason for Funimation AirPlay not working. You must move on to scrutinizing another reason.

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Funimation AirPlay not working is not a common problem that a user runs into while using the app, but if you find yourself stuck amid such a situation, always try and use our proposed suggestions to troubleshoot the situation to continue watching your loved anime shows.

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