Green Pixels On The Tv Screen

Green Pixels On The Tv Screen

You turned on your TV, and the screen is green. Don’t freak out! You are not alone in this dilemma. In this post, you’ll learn how to fix green pixels on the TV screen.

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Green Pixels On The Tv Screen

This is especially frustrating when you’re watching your favorite serial or movie and the TV screen is converted into green pixels. There are many Smart TV owners who have encountered this issue at a certain point.

You can notice greenish or discolored pixels appear on your television screen because of magnetic fields that are interfering with the TV’s normal operating conditions. It’s only possible to see them when the television is on, and they’re most visible when the screen is entirely one color, such as green, blue, or red.

If you’ve seen green pixels on the TV screen, you don’t have to worry; there are several ways to fix it.

So, let’s see how you can fix dead pixels on your screen.

how you can fix dead pixels on your screen?

When a TV screen appears to have green pixels, the most typical cause is a loose or damaged media component cable connection.

You should double-check all of your video cables to make sure that it has been damaged internally or broken a cable before connecting them to your TV. Video signals can be corrupted that none of them and needs replacement.

Examine all the cables from the TV to the connected components (HDMI, COAX, RGB, COMPONENT). When the TV is turned on, wiggle all the cords to check if the picture changes. Replace any cable that appears to be defective or damaged with a new one of the same type.

Check power and cable connections

Troubleshooting your TV should always begin with checking the power source and cable connection. Make sure there aren’t any loose or defective cables. Take a closer look to make sure there aren’t any dark marks on the cable.

Always use a different power supply while connecting your TV. If your TV is in the living room, you can connect it to another plugin in your bedroom. If the TV works properly in another room with a different power source, it is possible that your power source or other appliances are affecting your television.

Take a Break to Your TV 

Stop using the monitor for 24 hours as the simplest and first way to resolve the issue of green pixels. To fix the problem, you should do this if the pixel became stuck recently. Although it may not completely address the problem, the chances are great that it will. In order to avoid further damage to your screen, turn off your monitor for a few minutes to prevent it from becoming stuck in a green pixel.

Check your TV speakers

If you have a TUBE TV, a Projection TV, a Plasma TV, or an LCD HDTV, there could be a variety of causes for this. There is a good chance that the speakers in your old TUBE TV or CRT are causing magnetic interference, which leads the screen to turn green. To turn a TV screen green, check for a burst or loose internal speaker. Magnets that are too close to certain types of television screens can cause green pixels on the TV screen.

It’s also possible that you’ve placed an external speaker too close to your CRT TV screen. In all speakers, magnets are used. It’s possible that an external sound system speaker will turn green if it’s too close to the CRT TV screen. The green screen should vanish if you move the external speaker away from the screen.

Check your TV tube

If you have an older CRT or tube TV, a faulty tube or tube might cause the green screen. When the tube of an older television is discovered to be broken, we must replace it.

Projection TVs that display the green screen have a bad red picture tube, which must be replaced. Any form of magnetic interference can also cause a projection TV to turn green pixels. Make sure there aren’t any external speakers near the display. A blown or damaged internal speaker may also result in a green screen image appearing on the projection TV.

Employ a Third-Party Application

Fortunately, you don’t have to put in any extra work to solve the problem because you can do it online. Pixel fixer tools (such as this one) are available online to help you detect and fix stuck pixels. They recover rapidly, cycling through the colors that the subpixels respond to.

They use various colors to cycle the screen and liberate the stuck pixels. They can resolve the problem in 20 to 60 minutes. These tools are available online and there are some free download versions available as well.

JScreenFix and Undead Pixel are two of the most popular tools. The former detects and repairs the problem online, while the latter is offered as a free download. All you have to do now is switch the screen to full-screen mode and let the tool handle the rest. However, make sure to clear your screen first because green pixels can cause a line of dust.

Execute Pixel Press

People have discovered that lightly pressing on the ON green pixels returns them to their original state for many reasons. You can use a tool or a material that won’t damage the screen to gently press or rub.

You can proceed by switching off the tv and using a small piece of tape to measure the length of the line. Then rub the damp cloth along the designated line slowly and softly. When pressing too hard, the problem will get worse.

the concept behind this is to gently tighten the screen material, causing the inner pixels to migrate out of their ON condition. You should turn the screen on after you’ve completed your work on the line. Turn on the screen once you’ve finished working down the line. As an alternative, you can use a sharpie’s cap covered in a cloth to gently tap the green line.


In this post, we discussed how to fix the Green pixels on the TV screen. Now you’ll be able to fix the problem if you use these suggestions carefully. It’s time to get expert aid if you’re still having problems.

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