How do I increase the volume on my Airpods for TikTok

How do I increase the volume on my Airpods for TikTok

Do you wonder, “How do I increase the volume on my Airpods for TikTok?” If that’s the case, here is the ultimate solution to your problem.

Though Airpods is one of Apple’s most successful products, they may have certain performance concerns, such as a  volume too low volume, especially in settings with a lot of background noise. Imagine watching one of your favorite TikTok videos to pass the time while traveling, but the background noise is so loud that you can’t hear a thing. Or perhaps you want to make your video, but your AirPods still sound quiet even at maximum volume. 

We’ve got you covered, so don’t worry!

We understand your disappointment if you expected more from a pair of expensive headphones like AirPods, but now you are left wondering why they are so quiet. So we’ve put together a list of tips and tricks in this article to help you get the most out of your AirPods and to get you the maximum volume for your TikTok videos.

Continue reading to learn the ideal solution!

How do I increase the volume on my Airpods?

You might be able to communicate with your AirPods in various ways depending on your model. For instance, the controls on AirPods Pro differ slightly from those on normal AirPods because they use pressure-sensitive sensors rather than touch sensors.

Let’s review each method for adjusting the volume on your AirPods individually.

Use of Siri

Using Siri is the most practical way to change the volume on your AirPods. Ask Siri to change the volume up or down by saying something like “Hey, Siri.” since Siri is one of the most capable and well-liked virtual assistants; she should have no trouble doing easy tasks like increasing the volume.

However, you must enable voice commands on your iPad or iPhone for this approach to function. Follow these steps to do so:

  • Open the Settings application on your iPhone.
  • Go to Siri and search.
  • Turn on the “Hey Siri” Listen to option.
  • For a hands-free approach, turn on Allow Siri When Locked. This setting is optional but highly recommended.

Rather than only responding to general volume up/down orders, Siri may also be asked to perform more intricate, detailed tasks, like lowering the level by a specified percentage. For instance, you may say to Siri, “Hey Siri, raise the volume by 70%.”

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The volume slider is used

The easiest one is this one. Grab your phone and use the volume rocker to change the volume. You may also adjust your phone’s volume by dragging down the control center.

The volume slider should also be visible on your lock screen when listening if you’re using any popular listening applications like Apple Music or Spotify.

Configuring the app’s sound settings

Some mobile apps also allow you to adjust the level of the sound you’re listening to. For instance, when you play a song on the Apple Music app, you can adjust the volume using the slider at the bottom of the screen.

Utilizing the AirPods Max’s Digital Crown

The AirPods Max differs from their contemporaries in that you can change the volume without using any of the abovementioned methods. Their Digital Platform enables this.

The Apple Watch Series 1 device originally featured the Digital Crown. The standard dial on the side of your watch serves as the idea for this rotary knob, which also functions as a multipurpose button.

All you have to do to fix low-volume problems with AirPods Max is turn the crown in a clockwise direction. Therefore, rotating it in the opposite direction will make the volume lower.

Why is my AirPods volume so low?

Even at the maximum volume, AirPods can sometimes have problems like being too quiet or not as loud as they once were, so there is no single cause, but several issues combine to make Airpods sound low even when the volume is at its highest. 

Let’s discuss them.

Wax and dirt accumulation

A typical problem that frequently arises if you use AirPods for longer periods or have high earwax production is earwax accumulation.

When you wear your AirPods, earwax and debris can accumulate in the speaker mesh and hinder the audio signals coming out of the drivers. Due to this blockage due to the dirt and earwax accumulation, the sound you hear will be quieter.

Inappropriate settings

Many functions of AirPods are handled by software, including how loud your audio should be. Improper phone or music app settings may reduce your AirPods’ volume.

Your AirPods may sound quieter than usual if the equalizer is unintentionally changed, volume limits are enabled, or low-power mode is selected. However, your issue can be resolved with a simple configuration.

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Firmware problem

There’s a strong probability that updating your iOS and AirPods will fix the problem if they don’t have the most recent firmware.

Why is my AirPods volume so low?

It may be due to some other underlying software or hardware problems if increasing the AirPods’ volume doesn’t resolve the problem or if the AirPods still aren’t loud enough even at their highest volume levels.

We’ve put together a list of tried-and-true techniques to help you cure issues you can attempt. See which one works best for you!

  • Cleaning your AirPods
  • Do ear tips fit test for your AirPods Pro
  • Verify the sound balance
  • Turn off iPhone Volume Limits
  • Set the Bluetooth Connection to Default
  • Re-set your AirPods
  • Start your iPhone again.
  • Switch off Low Power Mode
  • Shut down Apple Music’s audio settings

Why are my AirPods so quiet?

Even after attempting all the above solutions, your AirPods are still quiet. Some underlying problems can be unrelated to the physical state of your AirPods or the settings on your device.

Several alternative options are available to you in this situation:

Ensure you don’t have a hearing issue.

Affected ear canals or underlying hearing issues are only two examples of the many different types and causes of hearing problems. Fortunately, there are certain ways to determine whether or not you are the issue.

Give your AirPods to a buddy to test

One method is to ask a friend who is an AirPods user to test these little buddies for you. Let them connect their AirPods to your iPhone and compare the volume of your AirPods to theirs to see if they can detect any differences.

You can verify that you are the one with hearing issues if they don’t notice anything different when using your AirPods or your iPhone.

Consult a specialist

The easiest method to identify and treat hearing issues is to pay a short visit to an ENT professional. The second and third techniques presented here may be used to assess the severity of your hearing issues.

Try Apple’s online assistance if all else fails.

The last option is to attempt Apple’s online assistance. Go to the website, select Audio & Sound from the grid menu, then pick AirPods from the menu. You can click “The issue is not displayed” and enter your search query as Low volume AirPods aren’t among the difficulties listed there.

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How to make AirPods louder than max?

As we promised you in the beginning, we have tried and tested tricks and tips which will help you, so here we will discuss a smart trick that will enable you to increase the volume of your AirPods louder than max. You can observe changes by simply following the instructions below.

Pick up your iPhone, go to settings, scroll down to music, and you’ll see an EQ option. People generally have their EQs turned off, or if they know about this feature and what it does, they probably have it set to rock or hip-hop, which is the standard setting. However, you don’t get the best sound quality with those settings, especially those three that I mentioned. I believe that the airport is best when the EQ is set to Flat.


Kudos! Your AirPods volume is probably fixed, and you may now watch your TikTok videos at the intended volume level.

Only those who may not be yet aware of the alternatives will likely find the AirPods’ volume difficulties irritating. Therefore, make sure to arm yourself with the advice we provided above. You’ll know what to do and won’t have to worry as much the next time your AirPods encounter the same problems.

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