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How Do Police Track Stolen Laptops

How Do Police Track Stolen Laptops


Are you wondering: How Do Police Track Stolen Laptops? Don’t you know the ways? No worries, we have enlisted the ways; you can read to develop insight.

Did the police ever recover your laptop? You might be happy to get your laptop back from the police station, or at least you may have seen the police officers giving you follow-up on this matter. Right? 

It is difficult but impossible for police to track stolen laptops as different techniques and strategies are used. 

When a person buys a laptop, different software is being installed that aids the police officers in tracing the laptop. In addition, there are many more ways, too.

Do you want to explore those ways? Stay along with us because we have provided ultimate information on How Do Police Track Stolen Laptops.

How Do Police Track Stolen Laptops?

So let’s dive into it!

What Should A Person Do When He Loses His Laptop?

There are different things a person should do whenever he closes his laptop. e.g. 

  1. Firstly, he should inform the local law enforcement agency. 
  2. Change the password of all accounts, avoiding thieves’ access to personal stuff, e.g., email, bank account, social site passwords, credit cards, etc. 
  3. Make others aware of a lost laptop. So, if a person has any access to their social sites, they will also be able to change their password. 

How Do Police Track Stolen Laptops – A Guide

Police are involved in finding a stolen laptop especially when an absolute team cooperates with a local police. It helps police to locate the laptop more easily and pinpoint the stolen laptop. 

Anti-Theft Software

This software is used to drive a location from an IP address. Some software incorporates GPS (Global Positioning System) and Wi-fi tracking because it records the physical address and IP address. 

LoJack Software

It is a software known as Computrace and is owned by absolute software. It is used to track stolen laptops. It helps local police to gain the information which they need to get a laptop back. It works when a person installs it on a laptop; it connects to the whole system for registration. It saves the serial number of a laptop. Whenever a person complains for a stolen laptop, the absolute team comes into the action and puts the laptop in the most wanted list.

IP Address for Tracking System:

IP (internet protocol) address is used to identify when someone sends data or any email over the internet. It also helps to locate a stolen laptop which is essential for the police to find the laptop. 


Softwares like Advatrack, Absolute, and Adonia help find the laptop’s location through an IP address. If a person downloads these software, they regularly update the IP address to their developers. Therefore, whenever the laptop gets stolen and a thief opens the laptop, these software will detect the new location. It will help police to recover the 

Tracking A Stolen Laptop by Using A Serial Number?

A few steps are required to track a laptop with a serial number: 

  • Keep the track serial number on all the devices, especially on a laptop. 
  • Devices send the serial numbers to the provider’s network daily. 
  • This helps the provider to recognize a serial number at a glance. 

Some Additional Methods that a Police for Tracking A Laptop

There are different methods for tracking a laptop used by local police and other agencies or developers. By the way, you can also use these methods:  

  • Gmail IP and Dropbox Sync:

IP is a unique character to an internet device that can be tracked or located.  It is not common (many people are unaware of it), but it is possible to track IP addresses using Gmail and dropbox. Through setting, the most recent login can be seen and IP can be tracked. If the thief has opened the laptop and connected to the internet, Dropbox will automatically sync, and the recent emails will be refreshed. Therefore, Gmail will help because thieves will update the information, and police can track a location. 

  • Prey:

 There is also software which is named prey. The purpose of this device is to cover three devices, providing device security and data protection. This software offers a free plan to track down the devices.  

  • Hidden App: 

It helps family, friends, businessmen and other organizations to keep their cell phones, laptops and tablets (even data they contain) secure and safe. It saves all these devices even in the case of loss or theft. 

Tracking Methods Of Absolute System

Three different ways are used to track a laptop by the whole system. 

  • Absolute system will track a phone number if a laptop is attached to the old fashioned modem. 
  • It will connect to the internet service provider if the stolen laptop is attached to the broadband connection. 
  • The other way is a secret which is not revealed by the absolute team. 

So, that is all about How Do Police Track Stolen Laptops; many of these methods are straight to go. You can also try them!

Our Wrap Up

In conclusion, it is a very devastating moment for a person who comes to know that his laptop has been stolen. But in the era of technology and with the help of police, it has become easy to find it. All the above mentioned methods can help the police to track a stolen laptop e.g. IP address, serial number, LoJack software (absolute system) etc.

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