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How far to sit from 27 inch monitor

How far to sit from 27 inch monitorHow far to sit from a 27-inch monitor? Let’s find out…

How Far to sit from 27-inch monitor

Let’s take a look at the answers.

How far should a 27-inch monitor be?

Users are advised to sit at a distance of one arm-length from a monitor. However, the perception of an image by your eyes is dependent on screen resolution and your field of vision.

These factors vary for each individual.  The mean distance you need to maintain may also vary with the size and image quality of your screen.

Here are some screen resolutions that determine how far to sit from a 27-inch monitor:

Screen Resolution

Distance from screen


3.4 ft. or 105cm


2.6 ft. or 79 cm


1.7 ft. or 52 cm

Apart from this, some regulatory authorities have also set a limit. The THX suggests sitting at a distance of 2.7 ft. (82 cm) while the SMPTE suggests a distance of 3.6ft. (110cm) from your monitor.

For people with errors of refraction, the values of distance to be maintained from a 27 inch screen are:

1. 1080p: (3.4-3.6 ft.)

2. 1440p/QHD: (2.6-3.6 ft.)

3. 4K: (1.7-3.6ft.)

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How far away should you sit from a 27-inch monitor Reddit?

The Reddit users recommend a few values of distance to be maintained from your 27-inch monitor.

With a 1080p screen resolution, you need to sit at a distance of 3.4 ft. while with a 1440p screen, you need to sit at a distance of 2.6 ft. from your 27-inch monitor.

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Is a 27-inch computer monitor too big?

There are a few points that will help you decide if a 27-inch monitor is too big for your liking.


  1. It will be an elephant in the room while you accomplish other tasks on your desk.
  2. It can be too cumbersome. Some people may find it difficult to adjust. Some may also experience dizziness.
  3. For a screen-resolution of 1080p, a 27” monitor is too big. Images will be less sharp and low quality.
  4. It can be costly and not ideal for small desk spaces.

27” screen is NOT TOO BIG:

  1. A bigger screen means easy visibility and less eye strain.
  2. Multitasking. You may open multiple documents at once.
  3. Photo-editing, graphic work and programming are more fun.
  4. Ideal for 1440p resolution.

How far should you sit from a 27 IMAC?

A distance of one arm length or, more specifically, 20-30 inches is the ideal distance that you should sit from a 27 IMAC.

You should also see how far to sit from 27 inch 1440p? and how far away should you sit from a 32 inch monitor? The 27 inch 4k monitor viewing distance is important to determine.

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