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How far to sit from a 32-inch monitor?

How far to sit from a 32-inch monitorHow far to sit from a 32-inch monitor?

How far to sit from a 32-inch monitor?

If you pick up a monitor of 32” QHD, the perfect distance or extent goes up a bit from 80cm to 96cm usually, and the max to almost 1.3 meters which is equal to 4.5 feet.

TVs don’t emit many radiations as they usually emit. If you are getting close enough so that you can also build up the pixels, then you’re extremely close for the optimal experience.

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Is the 32-inch monitor too big?

If the monitor was just for watching, I would say proceed with it. But if you are also going to play heavy games on it, I would likely go for something else that will be around 28 inches. I found that the diagonal screen size’s upper limit is approximately equal to your distance or space from the monitor screen. That’s why 32″ at 2-3′ is better.

Is a 32-inch monitor too big for gaming?

While some people think that 24-inch monitors contain the more ideal and perfect size, others may find that even a display of 27-inch is extremely small. For the majority of people, monitors of 32-inch size are too big for the gaming purpose. 

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Whatever size of display you prefer or choose, you must always keep the resolution of the screen in mind as well.

How far away should you sit from a 34-inch monitor?

Ultrawide aspect ratio:



Min Distance

34 inches

2560 x 1080

0.57 m / 1.9 ft

34 inches

3440 x 1440

0.57 m / 1.9 ft

34 inches

5120 x 2160

0.57 m / 1.9 ft

38 inches

3840 x 1600

0.64 m / 2.1 ft

How far should my monitor be from my eyes?

The distance between the monitor and your eyes should be between almost 20 inches and 40 inches. The preferred distance usually starts from 20 and 40 inches that are also equal to 50cm and 100 cm from the eyes to the anterior or front surface of the screen of the computer. 

NOTE: Text size may have to be expanded for more small monitors. Provide sufficient space for the desk between the monitor and the user.

The viewing distance from your monitor is improtant.

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Want to figure out the ideal sitting distance from a 32-inch monitor? Well, there is no exact formula; it’s just a way to keep your eyes and shoulder strain free while still having a clear and effortless vision. In general, it depends on some factors which help you to determine the average sitting distance from the monitor. For example, if someone has squinting eyes, he might see blurry and thus, he’ll probably have to sit quite far from the monitor compared to a person with normal vision. Thus, different people have different visual acuity. 


For instance, this visual acuity can be measured through online tests. Remember that your visual acuity depends on your overall eyesight. Suppose person A with 20/20 vision and person B with weak eyesight, both will have different visual acuity. But here we’ll discuss the ideal sitting distance from a 32inch monitor. Let’s check it out:

How Far To Sit From A 32-Inch Monitor?

As i have mentioned, there is no ideal sitting distance from the monitor, and visual acuity varies from person to person, you can analyze different factors to finally find your ideal distance when sitting against a 32-inch monitor. In general, the key is to prefer synchronizing your sitting distance with your field of sight. For help, the following are some factors to focus on;

Screen Height

The artificial glare of the screen can be harmful to the eyes or create a hurdle in readability. Further, looking far down or looking up at your screen can cause musculoskeletal disorders like eye and neck strain. For that purpose, it’s crucial to know about the correct placement of the monitor. The optimal screen height of a 32-inch monitor is 5 to 10cm. Note that, this is not an ideal screen height because every person has a different height. So, I’ll advise you to find your own position where your body parts are not twisting or bending.


Ideal sitting distance also depends on your everyday work. Like I’m using a 32-inch monitor for my coding work. The distance between my eyes and my monitor is only 70cm. I considered this ideal sitting distance for coding work. when  I used my 32-inch monitor for streaming movies and videos then I sit a little bit far from the monitor. So, I’ll recommend you to sit according to your comfort zone for your intended work. 


Check whether your eyesight is keen or weak through an online test. You can also check your eyes by yourself as you have to sit near in front of the monitor. If you are got a sharp and vibrant display, this is your ideal distance or vice versa. For the must mention, don’t sit too nearer to the monitor which can be harmful to your eyesight. If you get blunt and drowned out visuals it probably means you have an eyesight issue.

What Should Be The Ideal Sitting Distance From  32-inch Monitor?

As you read all the above-mentioned factors, still want to know the optimal sitting distance? For that purpose, I have combined some user reports with my own personal experience. So, If you are using a 32-inch monitor then the ideal distance can extend up to 80cm to 96cm for all sorts of working.


How far to sit from a 32-inch monitor? I hope this article finds the best answer to your question, Bear one thing in your mind, there is no ideal sitting distance for anyone. Considering the above-mentioned ideal sitting distance may give you health complications like headaches, eyestrain, and neck strain. So, I’ll recommend you to sit according to your own standard of comfort.

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