How Long Do AirPods Last Out Of The Case?

How Long Do AirPods Last Out Of The Case

Do you want to know how long Airpods last out of the case? You are in the right place; dig down this article till the end to find an answer.

Did you lose the case of your Airpods? Do you want to get an idea about how much the AirPods drain battery? 

Most people don’t like to keep the Airpods in the case that not only consumes the charging of the Airpods but also there might be a chance of losing any or both of them. But, do really Airpods utilize batteries while out of the case? 

Commonly, you will lose almost 15% to 20% of your AirPods battery; then there must be a chance that you have put the Airpods out of case even though you are not using them. It happens. AirPods only takes a half-hour to charge, and you can use your AirPods for long hours. But how long do AirPods last while using it for meetings and music? No worries, delve into this article to know how long AirPods last out of the case? 

How long do AirPods last out of the case?

If you are not proactively utilizing your AirPods, your device will go on the power mode, and it will conserve the power for further use. However, if your AirPods are out of the case, then usually, AirPods last for long hours. 

Adding on, there is a sensor module, which monitors whether you are utilizing the AirPods or not, which seems to be another reason that reduces the power. These sensors are designed to be functional throughout all times for the Airpods to play or pause the audio automatically and also to enter or exit, as the limited power settings depend on its utilization condition. So, the Airpods usually in listening time will last for almost 4 hours, whereas in talking time, the device will last for 2 hours out of the case. 

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Also, the second generation Airpods usually provide an extra hour of standby time, and the Airpods have a battery time of almost 5 hours. But, if you are using active noise cancellation, it might reduce to three and half hours. 

How can we increase the battery life of AirPods? 

Airpods are short battery range devices that work for only two to three hours out of the case, whereas it takes a half-hour to charge it. But, you can increase the battery life of AirPods just by following the below steps; 

  • Put your AirPods in a case to protect them from the extreme external environment that might harm the AirPods. Like rain, direct sunlight may harm the AirPods that also reduce the lifetime of the AirPods. 
  • Please don’t use your AirPods till it discharges, better to charge it before it drains out the battery as by doing this, you don’t have to discharge deep your AirPods that might decrease the life of AirPods. 
  • If you are not using your AirPods, there is no need to open or close the AirPods case, as it might also drain out the battery even if you are not using it. 
  • Better to turn off all the innovative features like ear detection and active noise cancellation as it may consume the battery, so to save the battery time and increase the lifetime of AirPods better to do this step. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long do AirPods stay out of the case?

AirPods usually take forty to fifty minutes to charge completely; however, if you listen to music, the AirPods will last for almost five to six hours. But, with talking time, the AirPods will last for almost two hours, and the charging case lasts for almost 11 hours till the subsequent charging. 

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  • Can you leave Airpods out of the case?

It is better not to leave the AirPods out of the case when you are not using it; if the Airpods are out of the case, they will consume battery when you are not using them. The only thing that you must consider is that the AirPods don’t overcharge, so there’s no need to worry about leaving them in the case and be concerned that AirPods will overcharge; they will not. Also, leaving them out of the case will increase the chances of their loss, so better to keep the AirPods in the case. 


AirPods is the most helpful device commonly used these years, as we have to attend zoom meetings and classes, so better to use the wireless device for listening and talking is always a good option. AirPods usually last for four to five hours on listening mode and almost two to three hours on talking mode and take only thirty to forty minutes to recharge. We hope you find this article; how long do AirPods last from the case quite helpful and informative. 

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