How Long Do I Unplug My Fridge To Reset It

Want to reset your refrigerator? Are you wondering How long do I Unplug My Fridge to Reset It? Time management matters a lot; dive into this article to find the answer!

Everybody needs a refrigerator to store excessive food because this must-have device helps homeowners and professionals keep the leftover meal at optimal temperatures to protect it from getting soggy, rotten, and spoiled. 

Every refrigerator keeper knows that at one or other point, they need to rest their refrigerator, and for resetting the refrigerator, there is a need to unplug the fridge. But here is a question: How long do I Unplug My Fridge to Reset It?

Typically, a user can unplug the refrigerator for 45 to 50 minutes to reset it. However, the time can vary because of  the refrigerator’s brand, model, and manufacturing. The user needs to wait at least 8 hours after plugging the fridge back, and then they should start keeping the food inside it.

Let’s move ahead and explore more about How long do I Unplug My Fridge to Reset It and why the need arises to reset the fridge.   

How Long Do I Unplug My Fridge To Reset It

How Long Do I Unplug My Fridge To Reset It?

Keeping the refrigerator on all the time is necessary because when you unplug the fridge, its thermal overload ruptures the motor and compressor. But if, in any case, the fridge needs resetting, you can unplug it for 45 to 50 minutes maximum. Refrigerator resetting helps in temperature adjustment, resolving different internal issues or deforesting it, so turning it off in this situation becomes essential.

Plugging and unplugging the refrigerator is not odd, but it shouldn’t be done willy-nilly as it can create numerous potential hazards to your expensive fridge. However, doing it for a longer time can also severely harm the quality.

Can You Reset A Refrigerator By Unplugging It?

Yes, you can rest the refrigerator having no reset button by unplugging it for 45 to 50 minutes. But make sure not to disturb it by repeatedly opening and closing the door. If you open the doors frequently, internal parts get damaged, and your heavy-priced investment is ruined badly. 

If the fridge has a reset button, press and hold it to reset this precious appliance. To achieve high results, read the user manual thoroughly, check the model, and call the brand’s customer service. 

It is the best and most easy method to rest the refrigerator, by being very careful while unplugging it from the wall socket as it takes more voltages and if the outlet is damaged it will cause severe damages to the appliance and you. 

What Causes A Refrigerator To Stop Working?

Typically refrigerators stop working due to various issues, the most common sign is when it stops freezing and cooling. 

  • Too Cold or Too Warm 

When the refrigerator is off, but the inside is still cold, the first thing you need to check is the wall outlet. See if its switch is plugged into the outlet and working properly. Sometimes the fuse is blown out and stops the power supply. As a result, the fridge won’t work. A power outage can also occur due to an uncertain storm or anything else and needs resetting afterwards. 

If the fridge is warm, the first thing to check is the temperature settings. Sometimes the setting changes accidentally, but if it is set at the proper temperature and the fridge is still not cooling. You will notice that the frozen food starts melting, and walls filled with ice start cracking. Remember, the partially frozen food items spoil faster than those frozen fully. 

  • Dirty Condenser Coils

The refrigerator stops working when there is a problem in the condenser coils, such as dirt or internal damage. Most of the time, the evaporator fan gets damaged, so you have to spend the money for a replacement. 

  • Door Left Open 

When you are in a hurry, and the door is left open unintentionally, the refrigerator stops working, and things start melting inside. It is the most common issue that happens with refrigerator users. An open door gives a way of cooling that runs out; hence, it stops working. 

What If Refrigerators Do Not Have a Reset Button 

Unfortunately, most of the refrigerators available on the market do not have a reset button, but it is not the case in all models. Some brands add this button in their selective models. But if the refrigerator does have a reset button, follow the below-mentioned ways to rest it.

Let’s begin!

  • Unplug For 45 to 50 Minutes 

To get the best outcome, unplug the fridge from the wall outlet and leave it for at least 45 to 50 minutes. Make sure not to disturb it while leaving it idle. Better to set the alarm on the phone so you don’t forget to plug it in again. If you disturb it by opening the doors, the cool air comes out, which negatively affects the internal parts. When 45 minutes pass, plug it into the power outlet and make sure the lights get illuminated. 

  • Factory Reset Method

If you don’t have much time, then follow this easy method. Unplug it for five minutes and turn the switch on after five minutes. By doing this the refrigerator will go back to the factory settings again.

Final Words

A refrigerator is a must-needed appliance for every home, even at a workplace, as it helps to deliver reliable refrigeration. But often, we need to reset our refrigerator, and for this, its unplugging is required; here is a dilemma: how long does a user need to unplug the fridge for setting as the unnecessary or lengthy unplugged fridge can create problems. If you keep your fridge turned off for more than four hours, the bacteria will start growing in the refrigerator; eventually, meat, fish, and dairy will start spoiling. 

So, the recommended time to unplug the fridge is 45 to 50 minutes, and then you can again plug in your fridge. Walk through this article from top to bottom, as we have also discussed some other elements that will help you in fridge resetting.

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