How Long Do You Wait To Plug In a Freezer After Moving It

How Long Do You Wait To Plug In a Freezer After Moving It

Moving your refrigerator? Do you know how long do you wait to plug in a freezer after moving it? This article clarifies everything!

It can be challenging to move a refrigerator. Moving the internal parts carelessly could damage them because they are so delicate. Depending on how you moved it, your refrigerator must wait a specific time before being plugged in.

So How Long Do You Wait To Plug In a Freezer After Moving It?

If you positioned your refrigerator upright, you could plug it in immediately. You must wait the same duration of time it would have taken if you had not turned your refrigerator on its side during transport. Once it is upright after being on its side for 30 minutes during transit, you must wait another 30 minutes. You should wait 24 hours if it has been on its side for more than a day.

How to avoid damaging your fridge while moving?

It is generally advised to leave your refrigerator upright in its new location for 24 hours after moving it before connecting it. Before connecting the fridge to power, allow it to stand upright for 24 hours so the oils can settle in and prevent any problems or errors.


  • Set the refrigerator upright after shifting.
  • Let the fridge stand upright for at least 24 hours with NO POWER.
  • The 24 hours allows the oils to reposition themselves.
  • The refrigerator can display technical errors or not stay cool if you don’t wait 24 hours.
  • After 24 hours, connect the refrigerator to the power.
  • If the refrigerator contains ice or water, connect the water line.
  • Wait for the fridge to cool down completely for a few hours.
  • Verify the refrigerator’s cooling and functionality.
  • Verify whether the ice machine is producing ice.
  • Ensure that the water is cold while it is being dispensed.
  • Restock the fridge with your items if everything checks out.
  • Check the refrigerator after 24 hours to ensure it is functioning as intended.

Note: After the fridge has been plugged into power and allowed to cool for 24 hours, it should be at least 2 to 5 hours before you put food inside. By doing this, you can be confident that your food will be stored in the fridge at the proper temperature and won’t deteriorate or become stale. In doubt, use a thermometer.

How can a refrigerator be moved securely?

Some recent refrigerators don’t require the oil to settle when turned on their side because the system and oils are both fresh and clean. To be on the safe side, it never hurts to let a new refrigerator remain upright for 24 hours before wiring it in. Use the following tips while moving your fridge to avoid any damage.


  • First, empty the refrigerator of all food and items.
  •  Ensure that the water dispenser is empty and that all the ice has been removed.
  • Before removing the refrigerator from the wall, unplug it and disconnect the water line.
  • To avoid scratching the fridge’s surface during transporting, use a dolly covered in cardboard or a blanket.
  • Keep the refrigerator upright if at all possible while moving or installing it.
  • To prevent oils from moving into the improper regions of the refrigerator, it is preferable to maintain your freezer upright.
  • It’s crucial to avoid damaging the coils or other components while transporting a freezer or refrigerator that is lying on its side.
  • The smoother the ride, the better. Use blankets or carpets to protect the fridge from a jarring ride that can harm its internal components.
  • Additionally, if the refrigerator is set in the incorrect direction, the door knobs could be broken, so take care.

Why Must Refrigerators Be Unplugged Before Being Moved?

Freon is a chemical that is highly pressured and is found in refrigerators. The pressure within the system quickly rises when you relocate them or switch them on for the initial time after moving to make up for any change in position. If oil separating valves and seals are not left open at this stage, it may result in their failure. In that case, the compressor may experience an oil leak. Your refrigerator won’t operate until this has been fixed by a professional since it will cause it to cease working.

Moving refrigerator on its side

You should never move a refrigerator on its side. If you do, you risk damaging the refrigerator’s interior workings and even breaking it.

The compressor oil will spill from the compressor pipe into the cooling lines when a fridge is turned on its side.

A refrigerator must remain upright for the same period it was on its side after being moved. This will give any oil that might have accidentally gotten into the coolant pipes enough time to make its way back to the compressors and clear them.

For instance, the device must stay upright for at least 2 hours after being on its side for 2 hours before being plugged into a wall outlet.

If moving it on its side is your only option, put it down on the side that isn’t the same as the compressor lines coming out of the compressor.

Lay the freezer on its left side, for instance, if the compressor line leaves the unit’s compressor on the side.

The best course of action is never to lay the fridge on its side. Moving a refrigerator on its side doesn’t guarantee it will break, but if you can move it upright, there’s no reason to take the danger.

Remember to clean the coils

Cleaning the coils on your refrigerator will improve its performance and contribute to energy conservation in your new house. Your coils need to be inspected and cleaned every three to six months. Consider clearing the coils while the refrigerator is out before placing them back where it belongs.

Do Not Move Your Refrigerator When:

 Fridges must ALWAYS be upright for the internal parts to remain functional.

NEVER store a refrigerator with the door shut for an extended period. Using a ball, piece of tape, or part of cardboard, prop open the door by about an inch. This will prevent odors from building up inside.

If a refrigerator is dirty, DON’T put it in storage.

What Happens When the Refrigerator Is Turned On Too Soon?

An early plug-in will put too much strain on the compressor, which could lead to damage. You won’t notice anything amiss with your fridge immediately, but eventually, you will, and you’ll probably be able to date it to shortly after your relocation.

A broken compressor is pricey, so getting a new fridge is usually less expensive.

I constantly attempt to avoid problems by being proactive and safe. It’s a wise way of thinking to adopt and will ultimately spare you a lot of trouble.

Please heed the straightforward instructions in this post and wait until your fridge has settled before plugging it in again.

When Is It Time to Hire an Expert to Move Your Fridge?

Moving your fridge yourself isn’t worth the effort on occasion. It would be best to hire a contractor to disconnect and relocate your fridge for you if it is attached to a water line or integrated into your cabinetry.

If you damage the fridge, hiring a professional would cost you far less than buying a new one, plus they may help you with the move.


When done appropriately, moving a fridge may be a safe task. We must take our time and avoid rushing the procedure because doing so can result in broken refrigerators, scuffed walls, and injured persons. Additionally, assistance is crucial because carrying a refrigerator requires more than one person. Utilize the proper tools and always stop for breaks. Be patient and wait the appropriate time before plugging the fridge back in once it has reached its destination. You’ve come so far; don’t ruin your refrigerator at the end of the process. It won’t take long—a couple of hours—and it will ensure that your refrigerator works properly.

Keeping yourself and others assisting you safe should always be your top priority.

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