How Long Does It Take A Refrigerator To Get Cold Once Plugged In?

Getting inquisitive about How Long Does It Take A Refrigerator To Get Cold Once Plugged In is natural? Hit this post and find the right time to kick off the confusion.

When you buy a new refrigerator and plugin it into the board, it takes time to fill in the gas; the gas helps the fridge stay cool and keep the food chilled and fresh for longer. The same happens when the fridge regains its power when it is repaired, transported, or back from a power outage.

But here is something bothering How Long Does It Take A Refrigerator To Get Cold Once Plugged In? Actually, this estimate can help the consumer in various ways!

So, let me tell you briefly- a full-sized fridge takes at least 12 hours to reach the FDA-recommended temperature, 40°F – a food-safe temperature. 

Remember- the refrigerator cooling time varies from 2 to 24 hours based on fridge size, type, and brand. The mini fridge takes less time, around 4 hours, to get cold. 

The story doesn’t finish here; there is much more to decode – read the article till the end and reveal some more facts.

How Long Does It Take A Refrigerator To Get Cold Once Plugged In

How Long Does it Take a Refrigerator to Get Cold Once Plugged In?

After spending a hefty amount on buying a new refrigerator, you may wonder how long it takes a refrigerator to get cold once plugged in. There is no clear time because the cooling time depends on various factors such as weight, size, and brand. 

Generally, small size room refrigerators take about 2 hours to get cold after plugging in the wall socket, and regular size fridges get cold in 4 hours. Firstly, you must determine the reason for plugging it off and turning it on again. It may be due to a power outage or comes from a repair shop.

Typically if you buy a brand new refrigerator and want to plug it in, it needs 24 hours to become cooler and ready to store your tasty food items. If you are still confused, better to read the instructions manual provided by the brand, and it mostly comes inside the box. The manual mentioned the exact time a refrigerator requires to get cold. 

How Can a New Fridge Save Electricity Cost and Cool Quickly?

Refrigerators are used all across the globe, and you know some parts of the world are hotter, and others are too cool even for the whole year. Refrigerators’ performance effects due to the extreme weather conditions, especially if placed in hotter places of the home.

Normally, suppose the user puts the refrigerator close to the wall. In that case, the chances are high that its parts get hotter due to running continuously and, as a result, use more electricity. 

If you want to save power and make the fridge cooler in less time, keep it a little away from the wall so the air may pass and it will not get overheated. When the refrigerator stays cooler both inside and outside, it will use less electricity. 

Another idea to make the refrigerator cooler in less time is by turning on the air conditioner and making the room temperature cool. You know a hot environment affects the performance, and it takes more hours to get cool. 

Ways To Increase the Cooling Process Of The Refrigerator 

You can increase the refrigerator’s cooling process in many ways. But by adopting the quick ways mentioned below, the process becomes much quicker, which is also great for saving electricity. 

  • Keep The Area Cool Where Fridge is Placed 

Always keep the fridge in an area where the air passes most of the day. A fridge in a properly ventilated room functions more than those in other home areas. If the room gets too hot, try to turn on the air conditioner if you have one. Otherwise, install a small fan at the backside of the fridge to keep it cool. These small steps may help your fridge to stay cooler and keep the stored food items fresh.  

  • Don’t Open The Doors Once It is Cooling 

The cool air gets out, and warm air gets in whenever users open the fridge door. Doing this wastes the cool air after some time and becomes less cool with time. 

To keep the cooling process faster, try not to open the door without any reason, and if you feel hungry, buy snacks and wait until the fridge cools. 

If you need to speed up the cooling process, buy some ice and put it in the fridge or freezer, this trick is worth enhancing the cooling. If you have a new fridge, give it 24 hours and not try to store food immediately after plugging in the wall socket. 

Is the New Refrigerator Ready To Store Food Immediately?  

It is not recommended to store food in the new refrigerator immediately; it will be better for you to give it time for the whole day so that the compressor’s oil settles down and it becomes cool enough to store food. The best method for checking if the new refrigerator is ready for storing food or not is to check the thermostat settings. Turn the freezer to 0 degrees F, and the fridge must be below 40 degrees F. These temperatures are considered safe for storing food in the new fridge.

One thing to remember is not to overcrowd the fridge or freezer with excess food items and not store hot food. The hot food delays the cooling process of the new refrigerator. Let the food cool to room temperature, then place it in the fridge because it is good both for the food and the fridge.

For How Long Does A Refrigerator Becomes Cool After Electricity Comes Back 

Electricity failure is a major problem in most of the world’s underdeveloped areas, and those areas receive torrential rains most of the year. The situation worsens, especially when the power goes off for hours. In this scenario, the refrigerators turn off and lose the cooling due to which the food items can spoil. 

Therefore it is suggested not to open the door frequently when the power gets off so that the cooling will remain inside for a longer time. 

Generally, after a power failure, the fridge remains cooler for 4 hours, and the freezer will stay cool for 24 to 47 hours. After this time passes, the bacteria may start growing, and you have to turn on the generator. 

After the electricity issue is resolved, you have to give the fridge at least eight hours so it will come to normal condition and receive enough cooling. 

Certain foods, such as juices and hard cheese, can bear the hard temperature, but eggs, milk, flour, and prepared meals may be spoiled, and you must discard them properly. 

Why Does The New Fridge Run Continuously? 

Primarily the newer fridges run continuously, and you may wonder why it happens. No worries because the new refrigerators are not damaged, and all parts function correctly, but the issue may be with the thermostat’s settings. 

Another reason might be the freezer settings. If the freezer has a below 10 degrees setting, the fridge gets exhausted by trying to run continuously and gets cooler. To make the fridge function fully, keep the freezer temperature to 0 degrees F and enjoy its excellent performance. 

How Can You Adjust the Settings of The Thermostat?

The thermostat is present in every fridge because it’s essential to maintain the proper temperature of the freezer and refrigerator. Too low or too high a temperature is damaging for the stored items. 

If the temperature is too hot, food gets spoiled quickly, and too low temperature freezes the food items, and this also does not sound great. Always check the settings for the thermostat before plugging the fridge into the wall socket because it dramatically affects the fridge cooling time. 

The Optimum temperature is 0 degrees F for the freezer and below 40 degrees F for the fridge. Generally, the freezer and fridge don’t have separate thermostats, but it depends on the brand and model. 

The Bottom Line

This blog post is on a crucial topic – How Long Does It Take A Refrigerator To Get Cold Once Plugged In? The time varies depending on fridge type, size, brand, etc. However, typically, a fridge acquires 12 hours to get cool and come to its performing stage; after 12 hours, it reaches FDA-recommended food-protecting temperature and manages to make the food chilled.

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