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How Long Does Oura Ring Charge Last ( Beyond the Basics )

From workouts to meetings to bedtime, your Oura ring tracks it all.

But how long can it keep up?

Let’s find out the secret to its battery life.

Oura ring is a trendy fitness gadget that is accurate, sleek, premium, and intelligent enough to track your health and wellness in your day-to-day activities without causing discomfort on your wrist as it’s a wedding-ring-shaped tiny tech that you can wear comfortably 24/7.

Oura Ring comes with a long-lasting rechargeable but non-replaceable battery that once fully charged can last for 4 to 7 days but that also depends on the model and how you use it like using power-draining features like exercise, heart rate, and SpO2, will cause the battery to deplete faster than you can cover by using Ring in power save mode as well.

So how long Oura Ring charge last boils down to personal preferences, the age of the ring, and a few other factors that I am going to discuss in this article so that you can get a detailed overview of the charging capability and other important things you must know about Oura Ring charging.

Oura ring is designed to wear all the time to track your body vitals like heart rate, heart rate variability, naps and sleep stages, calories burned, steps, Blood Oxygen saturation, and a few other things. All these features work in this nifty little gadget but due to the smaller size, the battery size is also smaller. Despite being smaller, the battery still lasts for a maximum of 7 days giving you peace of mind that you don’t have to worry about charging it.

How Long Does Oura Ring Charge Last?How Long Does Oura Ring Charge Last

Try to use the Ring with battery optimized otherwise you can expect reduced battery runtime due to several reasons and end up buying a new one or shifting altogether to a different brand but honestly speaking none of the other brands is as accurate as Oura ring and guess what you won’t like the bulky smartwatches hanging on your hands which can cause discomfort while sleeping.

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So staying with Ring is a suitable decision but let me show you’re some tricks on how you can ensure Ring never causes a problem you have to think about stopping using it or shifting to some other wearable brand.

In case you see that your Oura Ring isn’t lasting longer there are a few workarounds to make sure the battery lasts longer using the Ring on power saving mode will help you preserve the battery. But if you keep using powerful features then the battery won’t last long as those features can drain the battery quickly so the battery backup will go down to 24 hours to 3 days maximum.

Let me show you how to optimize Oura Ring Battery to last longer.

Keeping battery health tips:

Oura ring battery is installed in such a way that you cannot replace it but there are ways to take care of the battery to extend its life and performance below I have shared some points to help you boost or enhance the longevity of the battery life.

The minimum battery power you should keep is 30% and don’t let it go down. Keep it plugged in regularly to keep the battery at higher levels but you can take a break occasionally while taking shower, swimming, or running.

The biggest threat to the battery is when it dies so make sure to never let it reach 0% for that, you can activate the battery level notification from the three lines burger menu and then go into the settings and the notifications.

Preserving battery life can also be a huge win when you are not wearing the ring, just put it on the power saving mode. Similarly, place the ring in a cool and dry place and that also helps with preventing the battery from deteriorating. A factory reset can also help you preserve battery life and finally unpair all the connected devices and turn off Bluetooth as well from the app.

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Don’t forget after putting the ring on charge overcharging also kills the battery. Keep an eye on the charger when you see it. the charged LED stops pulsing, that’s a sign of a fully charged battery and you must take Ring off the dock.

Similarly, when you place it on the charging dock, put the ring on Airplane mode, and don’t forget to use an official USB charging cord with a 5V DC wall adapter that will ensure ample power.

Finally, the battery is prone to damage near heat or freezing temperatures and therefore, you must keep in mind to remove the ring when going in hot tubs, saunas, or ice baths.

Can I Wear Oura Ring in Shower?

You can wear the Oura ring in the shower but frequent or increased water exposure can cause battery damage as the Oura ring is only water-resistant, not waterproof.

Should I wear my Oura Ring All Day?

You should wear Oura Ring all day but avoid wearing it when taking a Sauna or going into an ice bath as exposure to heat or freezing temperatures can also damage the battery and ring. Other than that, keep the ring worn to make sure it tracks your body signals to give you a report of your wellness.

How long does a fully charged ring battery last?

A fully charged Oura Ring can last from 4 days to 7 days but if you are wearing it 24/7 and using all features as well then sensors will drain more battery and you will see the battery dying quickly.

Can Oura Ring battery be replaced?

Oura Ring battery has a lifespan of 2 years but depending on the use, the battery can die earlier. Fortunately, Oura support provides you with a battery replacement free of cost but for those having warranty time left.

Oura Ring Not Charging:

Sometimes it seems that the battery is dead or the ring is not charging but the problem is something else. Like the charging problem can occur when the ring is not resting properly on a size-specific dock. Similarly, try changing the cable from USB-A to USB-C. Another option is to turn the USB-C cable 180 degrees and reinsert it in the ring charger. Finally, try using a different power source or changing outlet as sometimes the outlet is not having electricity or the breaker is tripped leading you to the thought of a dead battery of the Oura ring.

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All in all, Oura Ring is a reliable and fashionable fitness tracker that blends with your attire while keeping an eye on your body vitals but do keep in mind that battery life of Oura Ring is not that reliable and people are recently complaining a lot after the release of SpO2 feature as it is causing 50% battery cut.

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