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How Long Will A Gaming Laptop Last

How Long Will A Gaming Laptop Last

Looking forward to knowing How Long Will A Gaming Laptop Last? No more browsing; hit the article and explore our well-researched answers.

While investing in gaming laptops, many think it’s their lifetime investment, while a few think it will serve them for decades. A few say the laptop life depends upon the brand and the bucks you are going to spend.

How Long Will A Gaming Laptop Last?

No more guesses; we are here to guide you on How Long Will A Gaming Laptop Last?

Actually, an enthusiastic gamer doesn’t want his gaming laptop to stop working ever but it is somehow impossible. Here, in this blog post, we have shed light on how long a gaming laptop will last, so you can get prepared in advance, get your collection prepared, and don’t fall into unwanted circumstances.

So, what determines the longevity of the laptop? What makes it durable, and how it can last longer than expected time? Let’s find out…

What Specifications Do You Need to Ensure Before Buying a Laptop?

Well, before figuring out the life of a laptop, you need to check the specs before buying a new gaming laptop – the right specs will serve you more.

The following are the factors that you need to Ensure in your gaming laptop:

  • Crispy display
  • Fast performance
  • Longer battery life
  • Hardware build quality

After ensuring these all factors, it will become easier to crack: how long will a gaming laptop last. 

What Are The Components That Affect A Gaming Laptop’s Lifespan? 

A well-maintained laptop lasts up to 10 years but The factors that influence your laptop’s lifespan are many but the main is the built-up quality, and that is why it is suggested to go for a high-end laptop as good high-end models last for 4-6 years more than a mid-range laptop. A new gaming laptop – performs quite well for around 2 years and a good mid-range gaming laptop for 3-4 years.

Besides quality, components are also playing part in the lifespan of laptops. So spend wisely and opt for one whose physical components provide up to 10 years of service. CPU, GPU, and other parts may heat up most often they may play a part in shortening the life of the laptops. 

  • Central Processing Unit – CPU

It processes all the data on the laptop. CPU is commonly called the brain of the computer, but it is not important for gamers like GPU.

But still, it is very important because a bad CPU may cause lags and may slow down loading times. For instance, multiplayer gamers, and FPS(first-person shooter) require good performance from your CPU, not GPU.

Intel- or AMD-based processors should be part of your gaming laptop. The Intel Core i5 and i7 are reliable for gamers, and in the case of AMD processors, we suggest you go for the Ryzen 5 and 7.  The number of cores also matters a lot as higher cores will enhance the performance.

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Most common among laptops are dual-core processors. But for a gaming laptop, try to opt for a quad-core processor. The CPU lifespan should be around 4 to 5 years, so invest money one time to keep a laptop with you for long. 

  • Graphics Processing Unit – GPU

The GPU is responsible for smoother gameplay and also plays a part in video and graphics performance. The most important component of a laptop is the GPU, especially for modern games. Do you know why?

Because these games require processing 3D graphics and rendering high-resolution images, and videos. The top makers of GPUs are NVIDIA and AMD. A good thing is to look at frame rates first. It refers to how many frame rates a GPU can process. Games will be smoother with high frame rates. 30 FPS or the 60 FPS is the sweetest spot for most gaming laptops. It is also possible to get 120FPS on a gaming laptop.

The commonly used entry-level cards are NVIDIA GTX 1050, AMD Radeon RX 460. These cards are great and will last 4-5 years. Most high-end cards are NVIDIA GTX 1060/1080, AMD RX 580 as they last for a lifetime.

You can also choose from the NVIDIA RTX series as they use artificial intelligence (AI) and give the ultimate visual experience to gamers.

  • Random Access Memory – RAM

RAM is the short-term memory of your laptop that is used for data storage and transfer. RAM performs all tasks that are currently running on your laptop. You can do internet browsing, stream, and multitask with good enough RAM.

It also speeds up the loading time and reduces lags, also faster than SSD (Solid State Drive). The minimum acceptable RAM is 8GB for a gaming laptop.

Most high-end games need more RAM like 12GB, or 16GB. For example, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Half-Life: Alyx require a higher RAM of at least 12GB.

  • Hardware 

It refers to all the physical components of your laptop. It includes both inside and outside parts of a laptop. The things instantly seen by you are mouse, keyboard, monitor, and trackpad. The inside parts are the graphics cards, and data storage, etc.

Depending on the usage, hardware components can last 5-6 years or above.

Gaming laptops are strongly built and easily handle heavy-duty tasks. They stay with you for a longer time than other normal laptops. The gaming laptop lifespan is almost 10 years.

They have no match with video gaming consoles e.g. Xbox, or Playstation. The consoles of the 80s, and 90s, are still working best today, but remember modern consoles generate more heat, and they carry 6 years and above lifespan.

Laptops are not only used for playing games, you can watch youtube,  multitasking between apps, and much more. Secondly, laptops used for gaming are portable, lighter, and thinner laptops. As with the advancement in technology, laptops are becoming better with days. 

How To Increase A Gaming Laptop’s Overall Lifespan?

Sometimes the most common question is how long will a gaming laptop boils down to usage and maintenance. Well, the laptop’s lifespan is dependent on hardware build quality and many other things. Some of the most important things that you should keep in mind are discussed below.

  • Regular Maintenance

Cleaning your laptop is an easy way to increase the lifespan of your gaming device., Focus on regular cleaning on the inside and outside, if you want to make your gaming laptop last longer.

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Outside cleaning is not much difficult, you can do it by using a microfiber towel to wipe down the exterior parts, which includes fan grills, keyboard, and most importantly display screen. Dust can easily pass through these parts, along with other hazardous things for laptops e.g. drink or food particles.

But the question that arises here is, how to do the inside cleaning of your laptop?

No one has enough time to open the laptop and clean out every part? Then what to do? The answer is to use compressed air as it does not harm the laptop.

To clean the ports, fans, and heating vents pass the compressed air towards them. Dust causes overheating and damage to the laptop and also affects, gaming laptop’s lifespan badly if not cleaned out properly after intervals.

  • Manage The Heat Transfer

A hot laptop can be a burn or fire hazard which also damages internal parts, and leads towards the point of no return.  Heating issues might be happening without even dust or dirt, it’s a normal thing. A gaming laptop can heat up when you use it for doing the most demanding task.

When a laptop will work in overdrive it is pretty obvious that they generate heat. This is the reason most laptops have a built-in cooling system. Many other ways are used to fight off the heat, using cooling pads because it is a cheap but effective trick. They help provide additional airflow. If the laptop starts getting hot, better to shut it down and rest it for a while. 

  • Overall Battery Life

It is a known fact that the battery also has its lifespan. Good battery charging habits can increase the lifetime of a laptop. Gaming laptop’s battery tends to drain fast, which is why it is a bit tricky for gamers. To maximize your battery, always try not to “overcharge” it. Plugging the battery for a long time will be harmful as it could cause overheating. Charging lithium-ion batteries between 40% to 80% will increase their life.

  •  Keep Updating The Software

A software update notification will be canceled by most people when it pops up frequently. Most gamers use Windows, which is most often Windows 10, which comes pre-installed on most laptops.

Even if you are using the latest operating system, Microsoft sends feature update after every six months. So if you miss updating regularly, you will probably also miss out on security and performance improvements. Remember the games you are playing also roll out updates to stay up with Microsoft’s OS updates.

  • Consider Upgrading The Components

It is an ideal scenario to upgrade the hardware components. Better to upgrade components every 2-3 years. A quick-fire way to boost the gaming performance is to upgrade your RAM as it is the cheapest way which can be done under 100$. Another way is to upgrade your data storage that could be HDD or SSD.

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Switching to an SSD will be a huge improvement if the laptop is using a hard drive still. The recommended SSD capacity for gamers is 512GB to 1TB. But as game sizes are getting bigger, you might find yourself nearly at full capacity.

The last option is changing your processor. This is not easy as many laptops do not give the option to upgrade the processor. It is good to visit the website to see if there is an option to upgrade the hardware of your laptop. 

Key Take

As the gaming laptop becomes old, it becomes difficult to even run programs and applications on it. A new laptop condition impacts your gaming experience; therefore, it is necessary to know the lifespan of a gaming laptop.

Besides the price, a laptop’s condition impacts your mood, productivity, and gaming, so replacement of the laptop in time is necessary. Read the guide above, it will assist you in understanding the laptop lifespan and save you from a lot of hassles.

Last but not least, don’t forget your laptop’s regular maintenance as the proper usage with regular maintenance can increase its lifespan.

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