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How Much Data Does Facetime Use Per Hour

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Facetime is Apple’s video calling service that is compatible with iOS users and uses data but not cellular minutes when making calls. This excellent app is free to use as long as you use Wi-Fi to make calls to other iPhone users.

Wait, this does not mean that it doesn’t cost you, without Wi-Fi, you may probably make calls using mobile data. Hence, you also need to dig out about numerous other factors of this app particularly on how much data does Facetime uses per hour and how much data a 30 minutes of FaceTime uses

No worries, you don’t need to explore different sites because we are going to discuss this (How Much Data Does Facetime Use Per Hour) and a lot more in the next section of this blog post. 

So, How Much Data Does Facetime Use Per Hour? Let’s find out…

How Much Data Does Facetime Use Per Hour – A Guide

This is how facetime uses data in different ways.

  • Understanding FaceTime Data Usage

Firstly ensure that FaceTime is never going to use your cellular plan’s voice minutes, no matter how and where you make a call. When you place a FaceTime call, it sends and receives video and voice information using data similar to any other app that you use on your phone to exchange data online. 

When you make a call on Facetime using either cellular data plan or Wi-Fi, this app will always use Wi-Fi by default. So when you are in an area having Wi-Fi signals, keep in mind that it will not cost you any data. On the other hand when there is no Wi-Fi available after making a Facetime call, it will cost you from your monthly data limit. 

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How Much Data Does FaceTime Use?

Does Facetime use a lot of data? Really a question to ask because if only one of your apps will eat all the monthly data bucket, then how should you run the rest of the apps?

Well, the FaceTime data usage depends on your device’s strength of network connection and also on the cellular network. On the iPhone, FaceTime uses a Wi-Fi connection ranging between four to seven MB per minute. 

On cellular Facetime uses about 2-20 MB of data per minute. It is pretty obvious that weak cellular connections result in low-quality audio and video calls. Your 5-minute video call does not break the data plan. Playing games and using social media will cost more data. When connecting via Facetime to long-distance friends and family members, we recommend using a Wi-Fi connection as long-distance calls use more data.  

Now a question that can pop into your mind is Does FaceTime use a lot of data? No worries actually FaceTime does not use all of your data buckets. It uses about 3MB of data per minute, which makes 18MB per hour. And when you divide it into two, you will also get the answer of data usage in 30 minutes.

The simple answer is it will use 60MB of data per 30 minutes. Here you also get to know that if you have a 3GB per month data plan then it means you are able to make almost 17 Facetime calls in a month. This is not realistic and accurate but can be used to make a comparison.

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To figure out how to lessen down or how to use less data or on FaceTime or probably no data continue reading.

How to Make Sure FaceTime Uses No Data

Have you noticed that FaceTime chews your monthly data bucket, then happily we came up with a solution? You don’t need to stop using this app completely. Along with other Apple apps, you can also turn off its data ability to use cellular data. Now when making FaceTime calls you have to go for using a Wi-Fi connection to make or receive calls, but it won’t use any more of your data.

  • Simply open the Settings app.
  • Tap on cellular
  • Continue scrolling to find FaceTime.
  • Turn it off

Note: To make sure Facetime uses no or fewer data, this app must be downloaded on your device, if it is not then go to the app store and download it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions; you can unfold them 

How much Data does a 30 Minute FaceTime use? 

Roughly, if there is a video call of 6 minutes, FaceTime uses 200MB/hr

Does FaceTime use up a lot of Data? 

Averagely, in 20 minutes, FaceTime video uses 70 to 80MB, but it depends on different factors, such as connection speed.

How do I use less data on FaceTime?

FaceTime uses cell data, but not the call minutes. So, you can turn off the use of cellular data for FaceTime; this way, FaceTime will not spend on the WiFi.

How to Make Sure FaceTime Uses No Data?

  1. First, you need to open the Settings.
  2. Here you need to select Cellular.
  3. Drill down until you get the option of FaceTime.
  4. So, toggle it off.
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The Bottom Line

Facetime is a very valuable app that comes with numerous perks and brings family and friends closer in a comfortable and straightforward way.  If you are also eager to use the FaceTime app, you have made a really good decision.

But, if you want to explore anything about FaceTime or How Much Data Does Facetime Use Per Hour, you can crack this article. This way, you will be able to know the data available so you have a hassle-free job on FaceTime.

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