How Much Space does Volarant Take in 2022

How Much Space does Volarant Take in 2022The Volant is an amazing, visually appealing tactical shooter game with intense graphics and beautiful landscapes and is a mature version of games like Counter-strike.

This game was released back on June 2, 2020, and since then, this game has been winning the hearts of shooting-game lovers.

This game is an addiction for young people as it can easily immerse you in the gameplay that you won’t even remember for how long you have been playing.

How Much Space does Volarant Take in 2022

So the game’s beta version was released in 2020, and now the full version of the game is available for consoles and PC users, so you can start playing this game instantly.

The concerning thing about this game is the size fluctuation with each update, but the creators of the game ensure that there isn’t a large difference in size from the previous version to the new version.

This competitive FPS game doesn’t demand huge PC requirements; just moderate PC requirements are enough to handle this game.

The real concern consumers have about the Valorant download size.

The Valiant Game can easily take up to 19GB and an additional 179MB of disk space for the Riot Games client installation.

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The game studio ensures that any computer with moderate requirements will be able to download and play this game.

Just download the Client from the official website. That will take around 179 megabytes of disk space, and now the client will automatically download the required game files like anti-cheat Riot Vanguard and the game.

Once the game is downloaded, Now is the time for installation before the installation. The game has already consumed 8GB of your computer. After that, it will take 19 gigabytes of space for the installation to uncompress the package.

How much space does Valorant take up on Mac?

As mentioned earlier, this game doesn’t have overly demanding requirements for either PC or Mac. But, it will take 85 GB of space on Mac and requires Boot Camp software to install the game.

Why does Valiant Take so much space?

Many people complain that this game takes up a lot of space on their hard drives, and the reason is simple. You download and install every file on your system rather than accessing them from any remote server.

So, having a fair bit of storage space gives you an edge because now you won’t feel any laggy gameplay that is common for the games being accessed from the servers.

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As you already know that this game doesn’t require overly demanding requirements except for huge storage. So, rather than getting a powerful computer, get one that has unlimited storage space to handle this game efficiently.

Valiant minimum specifications requirements?

So, to play Valorant, you need the following system requirements.

CPU: i3 or equivalent


GPU: Intel HD 3000

OS: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit

How many GB is Valorant?

Valiant has an 8GB download size and 19GB installation size, and still, this is the smallest FBS game.

Those who don’t have enough storage space can invest in an external hard drive to store the game and install files on a separate hard drive and connect it with the computer when they need to play the game.


As mentioned earlier, new updates require more size, and you should expect that for the next update because the new updates mean there will be new maps, agents, and other graphical elements that will take some extra space on your storage drive.

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