How To Activate Tesla Key Card

Are you looking forward to the ways How to Activate Tesla Key Cards? Why worry when we are on your back – dig out this article for a solution. 

Who can deny the perks of Tesla, an incredible American Multinational Automotive company that offers endless inspiring features to customers for their ease? 

One of the great opportunities Tesla offers is the Tesla Key Card, which helps you lock and unlock the door in all your comfort. But to enjoy the features of the Tesla key card, you need to activate it first. 

Do you know How To Activate Tesla Key Card? No worries, we have got you covered. Go ahead and follow straightforward steps! 

How To Activate Tesla Key Card

How To Activate Tesla Key Card: Follow The Steps

Gone are the days when car owners used the car keys to lock or unlock the cars. Now Tesla delivers their vehicles with a key fob and two key cards. Its models X, Y, three, and S are not already paired with these cards when they first come to your home. So, to activate and pair them with cars, you need to follow some steps.  

Let’s check them out without further delay!  

  • Sit in the car and open the menu on its touchscreen
  • Go to the locks section
  • Tap the plus icon 
  • Now enter a new key 
  • Place your keycard at the back of the cupholders
  • Wait for sometimes, not many, just 2 minutes
  • After two minutes, the screen will start showing the added keycard
  • Congrats, your Tesla key card is activated and ready to use.

Don’t miss even a little step; follow the guide carefully to make successful activation.  

How Can You Keep The Key Card Secure: Losing It A Huge Trouble

Tesla’s car functions, key fob, key cards, and phone keys are highly secured, and why not, although you paid a considerable amount for its innovative and technologically advanced cars? It is almost impossible for thieves to hack the key card. Guess what? Because it is encrypted, and its decoding is not everyone’s cup of tea. 

If anything happens to the key card, it is all because of the mishandling and negligence of its owner. So if owners want to keep the key card secure, they should always avoid leaving the card in the car or any unsafe place where anyone can access it. 

Keep a spare key card somewhere else (for safety), in your home or office. If you will lose it, remove its access without wasting a minute; otherwise, it will usher you into massive trouble. 

Key Card Or Key Fob: What Is A Good Option For You? 

The Tesla key card is an excellent alternative to traditional keys used by car owners a few years back. Although both key fob and key cards are beneficial, if you ask our opinion, we think Tesla owners go for the key card because it is easy to store in the wallet. 

On the other hand, it is so convenient to use the key fob, but it may get lost because sometimes you may forget it on the hotel counters or office table, or it may fall from your pocket. 

Losing the key fob is generally not good because it costs you more than the key card. Although the battery lifespan is 2 to 3 years, the key card is better as it does not need any battery and is also lightweight, encrypted, safe, and easy to use.  

Our Key Take: We conclude that a key card is much better than a key fob, but remember, its replacement is not accessible if you accidentally lose it somewhere. Tesla is a world-renowned company, and car owners must pass several security checks and an appointment with the service center to get a new key card. 

Final Words

Activating the key card is the need of every Tesla owner; thankfully, this activation is not a challenge. You can dig out this article if you are also wondering about How To Activate Tesla Key Cards. 

It will guide you on easy ways to get the activation in no time and enjoy locking and unlocking the Tesla door.

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