How to Add a Second Phone to Tesla Model 3

Do you know how to Add a Second Phone to Tesla Model 3? Stay along; we will guide you on.

Tesla is famous for its high-featured, cutting-edge, and state-of-the-art technologies. Instead of using traditional car keys, users can open or close the car doors using the key fob, phone key, or key card. 

How to Add a Second Phone to Tesla Model 3

How to add a second phone to Tesla Model 3

Model 3 owners can pair their smartphones using the Tesla touchscreen and by following the simple steps. 

Luckily, Tesla Model 3 allows users to connect a maximum of 3 phones; if you wonder how to Add a Second Phone to Tesla Model 3, you can continue reading this article. Here we have enlisted quick yet effective ways to do your favor – Decode the methods for your assistance. 

Note: Before jumping directly to How to Add a Second Phone to Tesla Model 3; let’s figure out why this connection is compulsory as it will open various gateways for you and ultimately the process of adding a second phone will become straight.

Why People Need to Pair Second Phone With Tesla Model 3: Find The Reasons

If you run short of money but still want to buy a Tesla car, take some money from your parents or siblings, and enjoy its ride. Everyone has a smartphone nowadays, and maybe both owners want to pair their phones with model 3. Yes, it is possible to pair three phones at once. 

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Important Note: Tesla car owners must be fully prepared before adding a new phone key to the Model 3. Ensure the phone’s Bluetooth is turned on and not on airplane mode. Next, you must install the latest version of the Tesla app from the app store on the smartphone and log in by entering a valid username and password. 

How to Add a Second Phone to Tesla Model 3: A Quick Guide

Connecting a second phone to Tesla is helpful as it can help you in your time of need. This connection can help you, so let’s identify how you can pair the second phone with the Tesla model 3. 

  • Log in to the mobile app and sit inside the car. 
  • Click on the setup phone key on the car’s touchscreen.
  • Take a key card and scan it behind the cupholder.
  • Every phone has its unique name, and if the Bluetooth of the already paired phone is off, the screen will show you a new phone. 
  • Wait for pairing; once the app shows the successful pairing message, click on done. 
  • The new phone key starts coming on the touchscreen list of the paired keys. 
  • The car will lock or unlock next time with the phone key whose Bluetooth is enabled, and airplane mode is turned off. 
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How Adding A Second Phone to Tesla 3 is Advantageous? 

Adding a second key to Tesla Model 3 is always advantageous. Firstly it is beneficial because in case you misplaced the first phone, you have a chance to unlock the car with the second key. 

Homes with more than two drivers can conveniently add their phones as a key, and next time, they can use their phones while driving on Tesla. If both phones belong to one owner, and one phone battery is dead, happily, you can use the other phone key and get in the car. 

Pairing two phones with a Tesla is convenient and highly beneficial, especially if the car is locked, you don’t have a key fob or key card, and you get stuck in the office parking lot, university, or shopping mall. 

The Bottom Line

Attaching a second phone to a Tesla Model 3 is a super beneficial way as you can use one or another key card to open or lock the Tesla – your ease increases. 

Two phones can be attached simultaneously, but for Tesla, it becomes problematic to assess two phones at once. For this, you can take the other phone out of the car’s reach or turn off its Bluetooth.

The detailed process is mentioned in this article; explore that for your ease.

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