How To Airplay BritBox?

BritBox is an application that primarily only streams British content. Though BritBox is now available for Apple TV as a direct application that can be installed from the App Store on TVOS 12.0 or later versions, another way to view BritBox is to AirPlay it to your TV. Still, how to AirPlay BritBox?

The native UK streaming service comes equipped with TV shows, movies, live dramas, documentaries, and BritBox originals, which all can be viewed after purchasing its subscription. 

All users are allowed to stream video content of a quality that is up to 1080p. 

However, if you reside outside the UK, then to access BritBox, you will have to install and use a VPN on your television and set your location to a local UK-based server to stream the platform without any issues. 

How To AirPlay BritBox?How To AirPlay BritBox

By using Apple’s AirPlay feature, you can cast all your BritBox content to your Apple TV or another TV that support AirPlay from any of your iOS device, which can be your iPhone or iPad. The process we state below is straightforward to follow; regardless, if at a step you find yourself confused, watch the following video: 

Step 1: Installing BritBox:

If you already do not have the mobile phone application of BritBox on your iPhone, then it is time you install it from the App Store on your iOS device. Once the application is downloaded, launch it to set up BritBox and log in to your account by providing all the relevant details of your linked account. 

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Step 2: Linking Wi-Fi:

Next, connect the Wi-Fi of your devices to the same Wi-Fi network. It must be ensured that your Apple TV and iOS device are matched to one Wi-Fi router. 

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Step 3: AirPlay:

Search and select a documentary or TV show that you want to watch on your Apple TV later on, and play it. Once the video starts playing, access your iPhone’s control center by swiping down on the screen and tapping the icon for AirPlay, which will be exhibited in the options.  

From the list of devices, select the AirPlay-enabled device, wait for the connection to establish, and enjoy your content on the wider screen of your TV! 

Fixing BritBox AirPlay Not Working: 

Often, when people try to AirPlay BritBox on their Apple TVs, they face several issues exhibited by the app, such as the appearance of a black screen on the display or the video lagging and buffering. 

These issues can be easily resolved and occur either because of a problem with the BritBox application or because you failed to follow the above procedure for AirPlay BritBox. 

Relaunching App:

To troubleshoot the black screen, freezing, and buffering of BritBox’s AirPlay, you must close the application and relaunch it after some time. This helps by clearing any cache that may have been built into the app over time, obstructing BritBox from seamlessly streaming its content. 

Checking Wi-Fi:

First, check whether the devices you tried to AirPlay from and with the device transmitting and receiving content are linked to the same Wi-Fi router. If not, then remedy that by linking them to a mutual connection. 

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Examine your hardware (iOS device and Apple TV) to see if there are any pending updates, as they could be a likely reason for AirPlay not working, and update your devices to their latest versions. 


Last but not least is to look at the status of your subscription. Sometimes, the subscription fails to be automatically renewed for multiple reasons, and if your subscription expires, BritBox will not play any content for you, or while playing the content, the application may lapse instantly. 

Devices To Watch BritBox On:

  • Computer using BritBox web (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer)
  • Android TV (USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark)
  • Google TV (USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark)
  • Apple TV (USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark)
  • Fetch (Australia) 
  • DSTV (South Africa)


Through learning how to AirPlay BritBox, you can now have fun watching all your favorite shows on a screen that is not of a small and limited size, and if you live outside the UK- VPN!

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