How To Airplay CONCACAF Gold Cup?

Looking forward to live streaming all the matches of this year’s Concacaf Gold Cup on a big screen? AirPlay! Through your AirPlay-compatible or Apple TV, you can view the renowned football championship on your television screen, but first, know how to AirPlay Concacaf Gold Cup. 

The main football association, the Concacaf Gold Cup, is an event that brings together all the best soccer teams of the nation every two years, and in 2023 it was held in Canada and the United States. 

To watch the Concacaf Gold Cup, you can download the official application of Fox Sports or its other channels like FOX, FS2, and FS1 or simply use online streaming through the website. 

How To Airplay CONCACAF Gold Cup?

Transmitting audio, videos, or other media to your TV from your phone using AirPlay is less technical than it sounds. All that the procedure demands is for you to know your way around using Apple products such as an iPad, iPhone, or Mac, and you will be good to go for how to AirPlay Concacaf Gold Cup. How To AirPlay Concacaf Gold Cup

Following, we will detail how to AirPlay Concacaf Gold Cup to TV from any of your iOS devices. 

Step 1: Enable AirPlay On Apple TV:

Before you even start with how to AirPlay Concacaf Gold Cup to TV from iOS devices, it is necessary to ensure that AirPlay is enabled on your Apple TV, or else the iPhone will not pair due to a lack of connectivity from the receiving device. 

Open the settings of your Apple TV, go to AirPlay & HomeKit settings, and turn it on by clicking on the AirPlay option. Simultaneously, connect your iPad, iPhone, and the Apple TV to one Wi-Fi network to eliminate any network connectivity problems. 

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Step 2: Downloading Concacaf Gold Cup App:

From the App Store on your iOS device, install the application for Concacaf Gold Cup. 

Step 3: Linking Devices Via AirPlay: 

Open your iOS device and swipe down to access the control center, where you will have to click on the option for screen mirroring, and subsequently, from the list of available devices for AirPlay, tap the name of your Apple TV. 

A passcode on the TV will appear for AirPlay, which must be entered on your iOS device to establish a connection and stream the content. 

AirPlay Concacaf Gold Cup To TV From Mac: 

Step 1: Linking Wi-Fi:

Once your Apple TV and Mac are turned on, you should immediately connect your devices to the same network for Wi-Fi. If there are any discrepancies within wi-fi connections, issues with AirPlay will arise later. 

Step 2: Browsing CONCACAF website:

On your Mac, open Safari or any other browser you prefer, and visit the official Concacaf website from where you can conveniently live stream the matches for the Concacaf Gold Cup. 

Step 3: Pairing TV To Mac Through AirPlay: 

Open the control center on your Mac by pressing FN + C together and then choose the option for screen mirroring, selecting your Apple TV from the list appearing and containing available devices for an AirPlay connection. 

Enter the code on the TV on your Mac for the devices to connect, but only if it is prompted. With this, enjoy the Concacaf Gold Cup matches on the wider screen of your TV, and when it’s time to finish streaming, remember to disable Mac’s AirPlay. 

AirPlay Concacaf Gold Cup With HDMI:

Often, individuals struggle to AirPlay Concacaf Gold Cup to their TVs for several reasons. Sometimes, their Smart TVs lack the support required for AirPlay, and at other times, they face internet connectivity issues. 

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Whatever your reason, by using an HDMI cable, you can still make sure that you watch all the matches on the TV and not your iOS device or Mac’s screen. You will need an HDMI cable, a VGA cable, or a Lighting VGA adapter. 

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Step 1: Connecting Cables:

Connect your Lighting VGA Adapter or AV adapter to the charging port of your iOS device, and then, from either option (VGA Cable or HDMI), plug the cable from one side into your Smart TV and the other into the adapter. 

Step 2:  TV Settings: 

Next, select the option for your HDMI port in which your VGA cable or HDMI has been plugged into the smart TV’s source settings. As soon as the smart TV and iPhone get paired, you will be able to see the content playing on your iOS device on your TV. 

AirPlay Concacaf Gold Cup (Android TV):

Step 1: Devices & Wi-Fi:

Prior to attempting to AirPlay Concacaf Gold Cup to an Android TV, enable AirPlay on the TV. Then, regardless of the device you use to AirPlay, ensure that the device (Mac and iOS) and the Android TV are all connected to a mutual Wi-Fi-providing device. 

Step 2: Installing App/ Using Website:

On your iOS device and from the App Store, install the application for Concacaf Gold Cup, or if on Mac, through Safari, visit the website for Concacaf. 

Step 3: AirPlay: 

Afterward, access the control center on an iOS device by swiping down on the screen or Mac by pressing FN+C or going to the menu bar. Then tap on the option for screen mirroring and choose the name of your Android TV from the shown drop-down list. 

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If the need arises, enter the code on the TV to progress with AirPlay; otherwise, the devices will connect with the TV and stream your content through AirPlay. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS):

How can I watch the Concacaf Gold Cup?

You can stream the matches live on the Concacaf application or visit their website. 

How can I watch the Concacaf Gold Cup without cable?

Applications like Fox Sports, FS2, and FS1 can be used to watch the Concacaf Gold Cup without cable. 

Can I watch the Gold Cup on YouTube TV?

Yes, you can watch the Gold Cup on YouTube TV. 

Can you AirPlay to a smart TV?

Yes, if the smart TV is AirPlay compatible. 


We have covered all essential topics in this article on how to AirPlay Concacaf Gold Cup. Whether it be your Apple TV, or Smart TV or you are trying to stream the Gold Cup matches on an AirPlay-incompatible TV, we have provided you a road map to all.

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