How To Airplay FIFA Women’s World Cup?

2023’s most awaited World Cup- FIFA Women’s World Cup has finally arrived, and this year is being hosted by New Zealand and Australia. There’s no other way than to watch these much-anticipated matches on a big screen, and you can do this by mastering how to AirPlay FIFA women’s World Cup. 

It is one of the year’s biggest women’s sporting events, and talented female athletes worldwide will gather for a month to play in the ninth edition of the tournament. With every passing year, the popularity of the league has excelled. 

For 2023, eight groups comprising thirty-two teams are up competing against each other for the year’s title, and what is more exciting is that the teams are eight more than last year. So, right away, let’s discuss how to AirPlay FIFA Women’s World Cup! 

How To AirPlay FIFA Women’s World Cup?

Luckily, the coverage is accessible through streaming via plenty of options for service on TV and over-the-air. Those watching on the screen of their iPhone or Mac can now transmit their screening of the FIFA Women’s World Cup to a big screen through AirPlay. 

Smart and Apple TV are your primary options for AirPlay, and all that the procedure relating to how to AirPlay FIFA women’s World Cup requires is a stable Wi-Fi connection. You may sign up with your TV provider or use Fox Sports to stream the game. The steps to AirPlay FIFA women’s World Cup to TV from iPhone will remain the same. How To Airplay FIFA Women’s World Cup

Step 1: Connecting To Wi-fi:

The importance of connecting your devices (iPhone and compatible TV) to a single Wi-Fi network cannot be emphasized. This step must be undertaken to seamlessly AirPlay FIFA women’s World Cup to TV from iPhone. 

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Step 2: Downloading Fox Sports:

Next, from the App Store, install the application for Fox Sports on your iPhone, and upon installation, launch the app and use your credentials to complete the required sign-in process. 

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Step 3: Linking TV With AirPlay:

Once you have access to the Fox Sports account, in the app, search for the match of the FIFA Women’s World Cup that you want to view and play it. When the game starts playing, in the media player, on the top-right corner, look for the icon of AirPlay and tap it to select your Smart or Apple TV from the list of all the available devices. 

AirPlay FIFA Women’s World Cup To TV From Mac:

Step 1: Establishing Wifi:

Right after having switched on your Mac and TV, ensure to connect the devices to a single Wi-Fi network. Both devices should be gaining internet from the same network. 

Step 2: Opening Website: 

Afterwards, on your Mac and in the Safari web browser, launch and visit Fox Sports’s official website. To select the match you want to watch, you must finish the signing-in procedure by providing your credentials, such as your account username and password. 

Now, search for the FIFA event you want to spectate and play it.

Step 3: Pairing Mac And TV:

On the Mac’s status bar, go to the control center and tap the option for screen mirroring. This will bring you a list of all the possible devices to which you can AirPlay, but you must choose your AirPlay-compatible TV or your Apple TV. 

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As soon as Mac and TV connect through AirPlay, the match will begin to play on the big screen of your television. 

Alternatives To Watching FIFA On Cable:


Sling TV is an affordable yet spectacular streaming service for viewing the FIFA Women’s World Cup. There are three packages for users on Sling TV, out of which you can choose the one that appeals most to your budget. 

But only one of these packages with Fox Sports is available and will cost you $45 a month. Remember, it has no option for a free trial. Through Fox Sports on sling TV, you can AirPlay the World Cup to your TV conveniently and through the same methodology. 

YouTube TV:

YouTube TV is a premium and renowned streaming service, permitting and offering its users 100+ channels for popular networks like CNN, Fox, HGTV, and ESPN. Using YouTube TV AirPlay, you can transfer all your matches on a large screen when streaming on Fox Sports. 

The base plan for YouTube TV costs $72.99 monthly; however, though the pricing is high, you should reconsider as new subscribers are offered a free 60-day trial. 

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Fubo TV:

Another option to AirPlay FIFA women’s World Cup is through Fubo TV. This sports-centric streaming service has almost all sports channels, including Fox Sports. The three subscription bundles range in pricing and features, as the Pro costs $74.99/ month, the Elite is $84.99/month, and the Premier is 94.99/month. 

All people signing up for the first time are granted a free seven-day trial. Therefore, you can sign up and experiment with the bundles, finalizing the one best suited for you. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS): 

How can I watch the Women’s World Cup on my iPhone?

You can download apps like Fox Sports or BBC iPlayer from the App Store or watch the women’s World Cup by subscribing to Fubo TV, Sling, and YouTube TV. 

How can I watch the FIFA Women’s World Cup?

FS1, Fox, Hulu, Fubo, and Fox Sports are all reliable services for watching the FIFA Women’s World Cup. 

How can I listen to the Women’s World Cup?

For all who want to listen, BBC Radio 5 offers live commentary for the women’s World Cup.

How can I watch the Women’s World Cup 2023?

Watch the women’s World Cup on FS1, Fox, Hulu, Fubo, and Fox Sports. 


Instead of mastering, even if you learn how to AirPlay FIFA women’s World Cup, rest assured, your skills will be more than sufficient to suffice through the football season. Do not hesitate; the process for streaming matches through AirPlay is straightforward, so give it a shot, for which we wish you all the luck.

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